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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Using a REALTOR to Buy a New Construction Home

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Do I need a Realtor to represent me when purchasing new construction?”  The answer is pretty simple.  While it is not required that you have representation, a Realtor can play a valuable role in your purchase of new construction.  Whether you are buying new construction or an existing home, The Boehmer Team realizes the importance and value of the Realtor in every step of your home purchase. 

Building your own home is an exciting yet sometimes complicated process. There are many details to consider - from choosing the right builder to calculating costs and finding the best community for your needs. The Washington Post says when, “buying a new constructed home, an experienced real estate agent is essential.” 

The Boehmer Team is specially trained in the new construction field. We have worked with builders in the St. Louis County and St. Charles County areas of Missouri for years. We will work with you and your builder towards a smooth process every step of the way.  A good real estate agent can make the new home buying process a dream come true versus a job.

Here are some ways a The Boehmer Team can assist you specifically with your New Construction purchase:

  • Assistance in selecting the community and neighborhood that best meets your needs and that of your family.  Important factors that many homebuyers consider include: school districts, community amenities, access to shopping and recreation. 
  • Help with home site selection including its location within the community, the size of the lot, facing direction, orientation, and surroundings are all evaluated.
  • Determining which structural features are most important to you and what features are will benefit you for a future resale. 
  • Assistance choosing colors and materials for interior and exterior finishes.
  • Explanation of construction progress and terminology as well as assistance in managing expectations.
  • Understanding the value of surrounding homes and comparable homes so that you pay fair market value for your new home.
  • Offering objective professional advice and insight during all phases of the process.
Contact The Boehmer Team today if you are considering a newly constructed home or have additional questions regarding buying or selling a home.  Or visit our website

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Best Deals on New Construction Homes are in the Inventory

Builders create more than just new homes; they create neighborhoods and communities.  Many builders construct “inventory homes” that allow a buyer to purchase a brand new home without the wait time to build.  When the end of the calendar year comes near, many builders increase their supply of inventory to accommodate the numerous homebuyers looking to get settled into their new home before year’s end.  This creates the perfect opportunity to get the best deal on a newly constructed “inventory” home.

The Boehmer Team has worked closely with multiple homebuilders in St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Missouri for years. We have found that you can get some of the best deals and selection of new construction inventory homes near the year’s end.  You can enjoy the holidays in a new home at a great price.

"Inventory homes often feature the 

newest designs and most up-to-date features – all in great locations – at the best prices of the year!" according to John Fischer, CEO of Fischer & Frichtel.

“Inventory homes are a fantastic investment,” says Cyndie Roche, CP Sales & Marketing for Payne Family Homes.
“They offer all of the modern features that you can only find in newly built homes, without the time commitment of building from the ground up.  These homes are built as efficiently as possible, allowing the savings to be passed on to the buyer.”

Another good reason to buy a new construction inventory home according to Mark Murphy from Bridgewater Community Homes is, “Many of our buyers are putting their existing home on the market and selling right away. Buying our Jump Start home (a completed new construction home) removes the need and expense of a double move and/or putting all possessions into storage for a few months.”

Jane Felkel of Bridgewater Community Homes says, “A huge advantage in purchasing a new construction inventory home,

other than the fact it is ready to move in and enjoy, is that ours include the most popular upgrades our clients seek in neutral colors sure to please without the stress of having to make a lot of decisions.”

Have you been imagining yourself in a brand new home? The Boehmer Team can help make it possible.  We have connections with multiple builders, know the ins and outs of the entire new home sales process and have other resources such as mortgage and title companies that can assist.  Check out to see our current list of new construction inventory homes waiting for you to move in.