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Friday, January 17, 2020

5 Things NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

5 Things NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your St. Louis or St. Charles County, Missouri home, you’ve probably gotten a lot of advice on things that you SHOULD do to sell your home. In fact, we’ve got lots of tried and true tips right here in this blog. Just type the subject you are looking for into the search bar. However, there are some things you should definitely NOT do when listing a home for sale. Here’s our short list.

What NOT To Do When Selling A Home

Things NOT To Do When Selling A Home

1. Do NOT Neglect Necessary Repairs

Homebuyers will definitely notice any broken or damaged parts of a home that are in plain view. Even small items like a broken cabinet hinge or doorknob may work against you because it might suggest the current owners haven’t taken good care of the property. Potential buyers may also use needed repairs as a way to negotiate a lower price for the home.

Though it may be costly to take on the minor and major repairs your house needs before listing it, it will increase the chances of the home selling in a timely manner.
And while it may seem expensive to take on these fixes, it’s generally more expensive not to. Homes sitting on the market cost sellers in both time spent on the market and ultimate sale price. Even if nothing is obviously wrong, some basic maintenance and simple home repairs before listing can go a long way.

Things To Avoid When Selling A Home

2. Do NOT Over-Improve

While preparing a home for sale, it’s a good return on investment to update things to be as current as possible. For example, updating old light fixtures or appliances are great ideas. However it’s important not to over-improve a home or over-customize a space to very specific tastes. For example, not everyone needs a trophy room, gun room, or music room nor does everyone likes bright or intense colors in their home.

Instead, neutralize the home for sale as much as possible. If you are repainting before the sale choose light, neutral colors. Packing away as many of your personal items is also recommended. This lets buyers imaging themselves living in the home. So there is no need to go above and beyond with home improvements, as you may actually lose money doing so.

Do NOT Do This When Selling A Home

3. Do NOT Overprice a Home For Sale

We understand the idea of wanting to “test the market”, but overpricing a home for sale is not the best way to do it. In fact it can backfire and cause your listing to lose momentum and languish on the market for months while you continue to pay the mortgage. Eventually you may have to lower the price more than what the home would have sold for if you priced it correctly to begin with.

We have some great information about The Dangers of Overpricing Your Home that you should check out.

When Selling A Home Avoid Doing This

4. Do NOT Attend Home Showings

It would be nice to be a fly on the wall to see what goes on every time an agent shows your home. But do NOT be a literal wall fly and hang around at home showings! Buyers want to imagine themselves in your space, not be confronted by you in your space. Take the family out or at least go sit in the car during the home showing. Homebuyers want to be able to look around freely without the homeowner looming over their shoulder. Don’t make it awkward for them.

What NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

5. Do NOT Go It Alone

Unless you are well versed in title law, real estate contracts and marketing do NOT go it alone! Knowing how to sell a home quickly for a fair price takes years of experience to master. Even then it can be a bit tricky without the right team as there are at least 80 tasks Realtors perform for sellers.

The Boehmer Team offers no obligation meetings to explain the process, the timelines, costs and options that you have when selling your home. Contact The Boehmer Team to answer your questions about listing a home for sale.