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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Kitchen Island Dreaming

Kitchen Island Dreaming

Dreaming of a beautiful kitchen island to expand your kitchen workspace and storage? You’re not alone. Throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles county areas, the real estate market is seeing plenty of requests for this amenity. Also, it is one of the most common requests made to home remodelers when updating a kitchen

Islands look inviting and offer extra storage and functionality. In most cases, an island becomes a gathering space or focal point in the home. They can even create an overall impression of a more luxury-grade kitchen. Even if you’re not planning on selling right now, adding a kitchen island can make your home more attractive while increasing its value in the long-term.


White Kitchen Island

The Value of a Kitchen Island

Speaking of value, did you now that most small kitchen remodel projects (like adding an island) will recoup an average of 83% of their cost when the home is eventually sold?  That’s actually higher than the return on investment from most other remodeling projects.


The Cost of a Kitchen Island

So what does a kitchen island cost? That depends on several factors including the size, materials, and features, for example a bar, a sink/drain and any built-in appliances. But on average, the cost of a kitchen island ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 with less expensive models as little as $100 and more expensive, custom-built options as much as $10,000 or more.

Multiple Kitchen Islands
Why not have MULTIPLE kitchen islands?

Ready-Made or Repurposed Furniture Kitchen Islands

Great ways to add a kitchen island on a budget is to purchase a ready-made island or to repurpose another piece of furniture like a desk or table to create an island. This allows you some creativity. However, it’s a good idea to match your island with the look and feel of the rest of your kitchen and home.


Repurposed Antique for Kitchen Island
See more repurposed island ideas at:

Custom-Built Kitchen Islands

Building a custom kitchen island will ensure you get exactly what you want for the space your kitchen has. The island can be built with cabinets that match the rest of your cabinetry for a seamless look.  You can choose your materials, counters, and whether it has electricity, appliances or running water.  Of course, the more options you choose, the higher the price. But you could build the kitchen island of your dreams and your home would be more valuable for it.  


Kitchen Island with sink and dishwasher

- - -

If you are wondering whether you should add a kitchen island before selling your home, contact The Boehmer Team. We may be able to help you decide if it’s the right project to improve the value of your home before a sale. Or we may be able to recommend a contractor to assist with your project. Have a real estate question? Contact us any time.



Want more info on kitchen islands? Click one of the links throughout this article for more in depth information on aspects of kitchen islands.


Monday, January 25, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Painting Brick

The Pros and Cons of Painting Brick

Thanks to a history of clay mining and bricklaying, the St. Louis area is full of homes wrapped in durable brick. However as years go by and home designs change, the brick look goes in and out of style. While some homeowners opt to paint their brick façade, others are reluctant. If you are considering painting your brick home exterior, we’ve put a list together of pros and cons to help you decide.

Brick Houses Painted and Unpainted

Painting a Brick House

PRO: Style. If the old brick is outdated and tacky, painting it can increase curb appeal and home value.

CON: It’s expensive and difficult to go back to unpainted brick should you want to. Also, painting brick can be expensive to have it done right. Look to see if there other areas on the home’s exterior that could better use the money for maintenance or improvements.

PRO: Protection. The right exterior paint can protect old, damaged bricks and mortar and seal cracks.

CON: If done wrong, paint could trap moisture and further damage the brick. Also, paint does not last forever and the effects of sun, wind, rain and hail will slowly chip away at the paint so touch ups and/or repainting will eventually be needed.

PRO: The right color could make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

CON: You may be destroying history by painting brick. Also, your color choice may not appeal to some potential homebuyers.


Why Not to Paint a Brick House

Not Painting a Brick House

PRO: Some people really value classic brick and just don’t like painted brick.

CON: Any potential homebuyers that dislike the old brick may need to take the cost of painting it into consideration if they are thinking of buying your home.

PRO: Upkeep is easier. You don’t have to maintain the paint on the brick.

CON: You’ll want to make sure the rest of the exterior of your home is well maintained and looks nice to distract from outdated brick colors or styles.

PRO: You’ll preserve the original exterior of the home and won’t have to worry if a potential buyer doesn’t like the color you chose to paint your brick.

CON: You may want to invest in landscaping, roof updates or other exterior painting and maintenance to bring the eye away from the outdated brick.


Painted and Unpainted brick

- - -

Unless you got lucky and your home has brick in a color that is current by today’s style standards, you may decide to paint the brick on your home to make it appear more modern. Or you may choose to update your landscaping, roof, windows or other exterior items to make a home with old brick look updated.  If you are considering painting brick to help sell a St. Louis area home, contact The Boehmer Team first. We may be able to help you determine whether painting your brick will be the best course of action to bring more value to your home sale. 


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Unusual Fall 2020 Real Estate Activity

Fall Real Estate St Louis

St. Louis and St. Charles County area real estate in fall 2020 has been as unusual as, well most of 2020. Real estate this autumn has been unusually active. In fact some real estate agents are referring to this fall as second spring. Herein we’ll discuss some of the reasons why real estate this fall has been so unusual.

The Pandemic

The Covid-19 virus has kept many people closer to home for longer and more often than previously. Folks are now working from home, going to school at home and moving many in-person events online. This has created more time to look closely at one’s living situation and decide if it is the best fit. Also, some people are moving from more concentrated, populous cities to our area. 

Buyer Demand versus Home Inventory 

Demand Versus Inventory

After a slow spring of quarantines, the busy summer market barely slowed down for fall. With so many buyers wanting to move to better home situations and some sellers unsure about making any changes at all, there has been a higher demand for homes for sale than there have been homeowners listing their homes. This is causing a lower inventory of homes for sale along with rising home values as multiple offers are being made on well-maintained, market-value homes. This doesn’t mean there aren’t homes for sale, it just means that homebuyers may have to look a little longer or at different options to buy a home.  It also means that buyers need to be prepared and ready to move quickly if the perfect home comes on the market.


Low Mortgage Rates

At time of writing this, the 30 year conventional mortgage rate sits around 2.5% and the 15 year conventional mortgage rate sits around 2%. These low rates mean that you can get a lot more home for you money than you could a few years ago. And for those who aren’t moving, it’s a great time to refinance.  These rates are historically low and when they are gone it is hard to imagine when they will return.  


St Louis New Construction Homes

Increased New Construction Activity is Helping

We help several quality local home builders market their homes and we know the new construction home market very well. We’ve been able to find solutions in the new construction market for many homebuyers. While builders have been doing a great job constructing quality new homes, they are feeling the pressure to keep up with the demand.  New construction should always be considered when searching for a new home.  It affords buyers to be the first owner, select finishes specific to their tastes, select options specific to their needs and to enjoy the benefits of an environmentally friendly and energy efficient home.

Despite the unusual fall 2020 real estate market we continue to assist homebuyers and sellers to face, understand and prepare for these unusual times every single day.  Despite the challenges, business for The Boehmer Team is up 28% from 2019 and going strong.  If you are thinking of buying a home, building a home, or selling your current home, contact The Boehmer Team. Let us implement decades of combined experience to answer your questions, find solutions for your needs and provide full service as we do to all of our dedicated clients.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Essential Fall Home Maintenance For Midwest Homeowners

Essential Fall Home Maintenance For Midwest Homeowners

Fall in the St. Louis and St. Charles County area of Missouri is a fantastic, pumpkin spice filled season. Watching the leaves change color and fall, roasting marshmallows around a fire pit, and enjoying seasonal beverages and flavors come to mind. We are truly lucky to live and work in the Midwest during the harvest season.

Before autumn turns to winter, be sure to turn your attention to your home. Fall is the time for some essential home maintenance tasks to be performed before the deep chill of winter sets in on your home. Neglecting these tasks could add further wear and tear to your home and may lead to damages that would cost much more to fix later. Performing fall home maintenance will keep your home functioning and help uphold the ever-important value of your home. 


Must Do Fall Home Maintenance

10 Essential Fall Home Maintenance Tasks:

  • Clear Gutters, Downspouts, Window Wells and Drains of Leaves and Debris
  • Check Windows and Doors for Gaps or Air Leaks and Seal Them
  • Check Your Heating System and Change the Filter
  • Check Chimney, Wood Stove and/or Fireplace Function and Cleanliness
  • Check Plumbing/Outdoor Spigots and Turn Off Outdoor Valves if Needed
  • Check for Foundation, Porch or Driveway Cracks and Seal as Needed
  • Inspect the Roof for Loose or Missing Shingles
  • Check for Cracks or Holes in Siding and Paint and Replace Caulk if Necessary
  • Trim Any Limbs that could Fall on Your Home or Power Lines During Icy Weather
  • Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Fall Maintenance To Avoid Future Costs

Fall Maintenance Worth Doing if You Don’t Want to Buy New Stuff Next Year:

  • Drain and Store Garden Hoses
  • Put Away Porch Furniture
  • Clean and Store the Lawn Mower & Lawn Trimming Equipment
  • Winterize Your Gas Grill

Other Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Consider

Other Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Consider:

  • Fertilize the Lawn
  • Drain the Hot Water Heater and Remove Sediment from Bottom of Tank
  • Check the Seal at the Bottom of the Garage Door for Damage or Leaks
  • Check Your Detectors and/or Change Batteries

- - -

If you can’t perform these important fall maintenance jobs yourself, hire someone to help. Contact The Boehmer Team if you need some suggestions for contractors or repairpersons in the St. Louis or St. Charles County areas of Missouri. And if your home needs more maintenance and help than you want to do, contact us about right-sizing your home or finding a home in an HOA community that provides a variety of maintenance tasks on your property.


If you would like to find out the current value of your St. Louis or St. Charles County area home or are considering buying or selling in the area, contact us or visit for more information.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How to Make the Best Offer on a Home

How to Make the Best Offer on a Home

Like most of the country St. Louis and St. Charles County are currently experiencing a sellers market.  This means that there are more buyers in the market than there are sellers. This is great if you are currently selling a home. However if you are a homebuyer, this means that you are facing competition against other buyers when trying to purchase a home for sale.  With a few tips, and help from your trusted Realtor, you’ll be prepared to make the best offer on a house and procure the home of your dreams.


Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Unless you are paying cash for a home, start your home search by talking to a mortgage lender and getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan. Home sellers will take cash and pre-approved offers over offers that don’t confirm their ability to finance the home. Also, getting pre-approved will help you better determine your budget for your home.

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Lean On Your Realtor

Talk to your Realtor to gain some useful information. An experienced Realtor (like the ones on The Boehmer Team) will be able to gather more information about what neighboring homes have sold for and the number of other offers the home has received.  This information will help you decide on a strong offer to make on the home.

Your Realtor can help determine a winning bid.

Hold Back on Contingencies

Contingencies are items that need to be addressed before closing on a home or clauses in the contract that give you an out if something arises. These can be beneficial to homebuyers, but a headache for home sellers. Sellers will prefer to accept a contract on their home that includes the least amount of contingencies. Discuss with your real estate professional the options of making an “As-Is” type of offer limiting the seller’s responsibility of making repairs.

Hold Back on Contingencies

Make a Personal Connection

If a seller has a personal connection with a buyer, they are more likely to choose the buyer they have a connection with. If you know other people in the neighborhood, or have other acquaintances in common with the homeowner, tell them in order to build your personal connection. Some people make their case in writing by including a hand-written letter with their offer describing why they would make the best choice as the homebuyers for the property.

Make a personal connection

- - -

Whatever you decide, be sure to be prepared and be ready to act fast. If you are afraid of making a mistake after going all in on a home, keep in mind that there will likely be another chance to make some negotiations on the deal after getting the results of the home inspection. If you have questions about making an offer on a home or about the home buying or selling process, contact The Boehmer Team. We’ll be happy to share our expertise. 


Friday, August 14, 2020

New Home Opportunities in a Competitive Market

New Home Opportuities in a Competitive Market

If you’ve been home shopping recently for St. Louis or St. Charles County real estate, you’ve probably noticed something – things are rather competitive. Currently there aren’t as many homes available for sale as there are homebuyers trying to buy homes (known as a sellers market). Homebuyers are having more difficulty procuring a home they want against all the competition. Those who consider buying new give themselves another option. How about you? Have you considered buying new?


Already Built New Homes in St. Louis

Builder Inventory Homes

Homebuyers can buy a new home often for a similar price as a pre-existing one. Check out homebuilders’ inventory of already-built or being-built homes that have yet to be sold.  Every month that a completed home doesn’t sell incurs costs for the homebuilder, so builders may be more motivated to sell homes in their inventory.

Often times inventory homes are priced including promotions and incentives that you would receive had you built the home from the ground up.  Builders also choose top-selling floor plans with the most popular features and finishes for their inventory homes so they appeal to today’s buyers.  Many buyers love the idea that they see exactly what they are getting when buying a home from inventory. Buying an inventory home is often a very smart move for today’s buyer for a number of reasons. 

We’ve put together a webpage specifically so you can see what builder inventory homes are currently available for sale in our area. Check out our New & Now page to see the many great new home opportunities available.


St. Louis New Homes For Sale

Historically Low Interest Rates

Interest rates are still historically low. This means you can get more house for your budget. If you need help finding a reputable mortgage lender, contact us to offer some suggestions of home lenders to check out. Also, don’t miss trying our mortgage calculator to find out what your monthly payments might be based on the price of a home, the interest rate and length of the loan. 

New Homes For Sale in St. Louis

Using an Experienced Buyers Agent

Experienced buyers specialists, like the ones on The Boehmer Team, can help you with the home buying process at little to no cost. Our job is to help you find home buying opportunities that match your needs and help you through the process of purchasing a home, which is especially helpful in a competitive market. 


Our network provides us access to homes being prepared for the market that aren’t even listed yet. We also know of off-market listings to show our homebuyers. Using a Boehmer Team Buyer Specialist gives you an edge over trying to procure a home on your own.

- - -

If you are a homebuyer currently looking for a new or pre-existing home to buy, contact The Boehmer Team. We can help you procure your dream home and even help sell your current home. Reach out any time for a no obligation home buying or selling consultation and learn our strategies to help buyers and sellers. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

St. Charles County Real Estate 2020 Mid-Year Review

St. Charles County Real Estate 2020 Mid-Year Review

We’re half way into 2020 and boy, has it been a roller coaster ride! A pandemic, a recession, an election year and more have made it a VERY memorable and life changing year. But despite our ever-changing external environment, one thing has stayed constant – the need for a home. The pandemic has caused us to spend more time at home than ever and made housing that meets our needs more important than ever. So despite everything, the housing market has remained strong and a good investment in 2020.

Signs of a strong real estate market are backed up with hard data. Take a look at the below charts showing how the 2020 St. Charles County, Missouri real estate market is performing so far. We hope this information will be valuable for you to make the best real estate decisions for you and your family.

Number of Homes for Sale

Number of homes for sale in St. Charles County

This first chart showing active real estate listings by month over the past three years ends on a down trajectory. This means that there are not as many homes available for sale as there have been mid-year in the past three years. The low availability of listings and continued demand from homebuyers point to a continued sellers market.

Median Sales Price

Median Home Sale Price in St. Charles County Missouri

This chart shows that home prices are still growing. If you’ve been thinking about listing a residential property for sale, now is a great time to get a lot of value from the sale. If you’re thinking of buying a home, now is also a great time to take advantage of still low historic rates and purchase a home before housing prices increase even more.

Original Listing Price Versus Sales Price

Original list price versus sales price for St. Charles County real estate

While sellers like to get the most money they can for their property, buyers want to pay the least they can for a home. Through the negotiation process the final price received for a home is often a little less than the original price the property was listed. The first half of 2020 shows that buyers are negotiating better deals for themselves than the previous three years as the gap of list price to sale price has widened a little.

Days On Market

Number of Days on Market for St. Charles County Homes Listed for Sale

This chart shows that the number of days a home is on the market tend to be shorter in the warm months than in the cold months. Currently we are seeing shorter days on the market that are similar to the same time last year. A smaller number of days on market is another indicator of a sellers market.

- - -

In summary, this data points to continued gains in home prices and continued competition among homebuyers for the real estate listings that are available. Our friends in the home building industry say they are ramping up home building to help offer more new home options for buyers. If you have a home to sell, now is a great time. If you are buying a home, be prepared to act quickly when you find “the one” as you may face a lot of competition.

Working with a great buyers agent, like the buyers agents on The Boehmer Team, will also increase homebuyers’ chances of procuring the perfect home. Contact The Boehmer Team for expert home selling and buying assistance. We know the St. Charles County, Missouri real estate market and even have information on homes that are not yet listed for sale.