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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Find a Home Faster with a Realtor

Find a Home Faster with a Realtor

Homebuyers in the current real estate market, whether in St. Louis, St. Charles County or beyond, are facing more competition as low inventory of available homes for sale persists. Some are getting discouraged at the amount of time and number of tries it can take to find the right home for sale and get a contract accepted. But there is no need to give up on the search for a new home. Working with an experienced Realtor and/or real estate team can make the process easier and faster.  That being said, if you are competing with cash offers and buyers that are willing to waive all of their rights, your agent will help you understand the possible dangers of those decisions.

Learn of Homes For Sale Quicker

Working with a Realtor that provides information on new homes as they hit the market or that are coming soon to market will give you an edge. Realtors, particularly at larger brokerages, know of listings that have yet to hit the market. They also have access to local multiple listing service systems that can often provide updates of homes for sale before they hit the national websites. In a competitive market, this extra time may make the difference in getting your offer submitted and accepted before others find the listing.

Community Experts

A Resource for Community Information

When trying to find a new home in a competitive market, the local area around a home of interest may seem less of a concern than actually procuring the home. This is a good time to have a Realtor in your pocket. Realtors know communities and often have information about the local area like roads, other neighborhoods or commercial properties being built nearby that may be of concern to the home buyer.

Experienced Real Estate Negotiator

When you find the home that’s “the one” it can be easy to allow emotions to get involved in negotiations. Or, you may lack the experience needed to ensure you position your offer to secure the home. As a result, it may take longer to get a deal finalized. Using an experienced Realtor to handle all negotiations will more than likely get things done more efficiently and at a better price than you probably could have negotiated yourself.

Help Negotiating and with Closing

Help with Paperwork and Closing

Real estate transactions involve a lot of paperwork and legal forms. If you try to handle this on your own, mistakes could be made that prevent a transaction from being completed or throwing your purchase into chaos at closing. By letting your Realtor take charge of the paperwork and closing, a purchase can be done professionally and accurately. From making sure the title to the property is clear to ensuring the lender has met all deadlines on financing, a Realtor will help create a smoother, faster closing.

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Don’t just trust any Realtor; be sure you have an experienced Buyer’s Agent like those on The Boehmer Team to represent you. If you walk into a home for sale unrepresented and use the Realtor listing the home, their first duty is to their home seller. So contact The Boehmer Team to talk to our dedicated Buyer’s Agents or to get listing updates from our local MLS to see the type of homes you want as they hit the market in real time.