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Friday, October 26, 2018

Tasks Realtors Perform for Sellers

Tasks Realtors Perform for Home Sellers

Listing a home for sale and getting the transaction through to closing is an involved process with numerous steps. Much of this work is performed behind the scenes and thus goes unnoticed by home sellers. This sometimes leads to the myth that Realtors “just put a sign in the yard.” But there really is so much more that we do. There is a reason that real estate agents sell homes for more money than for sale by owner listings. To better explain all that we do for every real estate listing we’ve put together a list of ways Realtors help home sellers.

80 Tasks Realtors Perform for Home Sellers

1. Research all comparable listings and recent home sales in the neighborhood
2. Analyze the current market conditions and future projections
3. Explain past market performance
4. Assess your home’s marketing position by analyzing all homes for sale in the neighborhood
5. Provide a full Comparative Market Analysis regarding your property
6. Counsel home sellers on the process of listing a home for sale
7. Discuss timing of the sale and the pricing of the home in order to meet client expectations
8. Explain your legal obligations as a seller in the area of disclosure
9. Thoroughly review the entire listing contract and all accompanying documentation regarding the signing of the listing agreement
10. Help you review and fill out the mandatory Lead Based Paint 11. Disclosure required from all sellers
12. Provide the appropriate Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS) form for the disclosure of all known conditions required of every seller
13. Review completed disclosure forms to insure compliance with required disclosure obligations of all sellers
14. Counsel on the necessity and advantages of a home warranty program
15. Counsel and assist home sellers to stage the interior and exterior of the home to look best for showings
16. Photograph the interior and exterior of the home

How agents help home sellers

17. Add the listing to the multiple listing service (MLS) for IDX distribution to national and local real estate websites18. Arrange for the placement of the For Sale Sign
19. Create and print flyers to market the home on site
20. Create marketing materials to be distributed via email and social media
21. Point out areas that are likely to be targeted by buyers on any requests for repairs
22. Provide counseling and guidance in regard to showing so that the home gets its best appearance
23. Locate and provide area and street maps to potential buyers
24. Schedule open houses to attract buyers
25. Market open houses with announcements, postings and signage
26. Make certain that all advertising is in compliance with the Code of Ethics and Fair Housing requirements
27. Take safeguard precautions to minimize risk of any loss or vandalism that may occur during an open house
28. Create custom sign-in sheet for buyers who visit the open house
29. Follow up with all buyers that attend the open house
30. Answer phone calls and inquiries regarding your property
31. Arrange and schedule showings of your home at the request of buyers and/or their agents
32. Be available on evenings and weekends when buyers are most likely to want to see your home

Realtors Answer Questions and Negotiated for Sellers

33. Answer and address questions posed by buyers regarding the property and its condition
34. Counsel on periodic price changes that may be demanded due to changes in market conditions
35. Receive and review all offers and terms from potential buyers
36. Review the buyer’s LSR and analyze the provisions of their loan to assure that they can get financing
37. Present and discuss all offers that are received
38. Counsel and advise in multiple offer situations
39. Outline the pros and cons of offers received from potential buyers
40. Negotiate offers and counteroffers with the buyers and/or the buyers’ agent
41. Monitor and coordinate the escrow process
42. Properly handle the earnest money deposit
43. Counsel on the rules surrounding the handling of the earnest money deposit
44. Review title company charges and fees
45. Schedule and arrange any inspections requested by the buyer such as appraisal, termite, radon, etc.
46. Make certain that the buyer gets any necessary Home Owners 47. Association information
48. Review the Buyer Inspection Notice and Seller Response (BINSR) request from the buyer as well as any buyer’s requests for repairs

How Realtors Sell Homes

49. Counsel you on responses to the buyer’s requests for repairs
50. Provide professional references for any repairs needed in order to complete the sale
51. Review the preliminary title report for the status of liens, encumbrances and taxes
52. Ensure that all requirements on the preliminary title report received from the escrow company are being met and handled prior to closing
53. Monitor the deadlines and time frames that are contained in the purchase contract
54. Negotiate any necessary changes in the timelines on the purchase contract
55. Counsel on the pros and cons of addendums regarding changes in the timelines
56. Advise on the appraisal process and your role in the appraisal process as a seller
57. Provide regular updates and status reports regarding the progress of the transaction
Assist you in relocation or buying another property
58. Collect utility information and advise on the handling of utilities at the time of transfer
59. Discuss and advise on the exchange of occupancy
60. Update and monitor status of MLS listing to “Sale Pending”
Advise and monitor removal of loan contingency
61. Contact and discuss loan status with buyers loan representative and confirm the processing of the buyers loan
62. Check on the status of delivery of buyer’s loan documents to the title company
63. Confirm the completion of all repairs
64. Coordinate the collection of the repair invoices and receipts
65. Deliver all receipts and invoices to the title company as required
66. Review the HUD-1 Settlement statement and correct all inaccuracies
67. Coordinate and schedule the closing of the transaction
68. Negotiate and arrange any final extensions of the closing date that may be necessary

How real estate agents help home sellers

69. Counsel and advise you on the closing process
70. Schedule all final walk through inspections that are demanded by the buyer
71. Attend and address issues raised in the final walk through inspections
72. Final check with the escrow officer to make certain that all required documentation is in place
73. Review the closing documents
74. Attend and accompany you to the closing to address any issues that you might have
75. Advise and counsel you on the final transfer of funds
76. Assist in the providing of wiring instructions on the day of closing to the title company
77. Assist in the transmission and delivery of any final documentation that may be required by title
78. Review and explain the role of title insurance in your transaction
79. Assist in the correction of any errors or mistakes in the final closing documents
80. Arrange for the exchange of keys and possession

This list shows why full-time Realtors like The Boehmer Team keep so busy. Realtors handle negotiations, deadlines, paperwork, communications and marketing as well as managing a cast of characters involved in every transaction. Our team structure enables us to streamline and double check all parts in the process. We strive to provide client experiences so great that our clients will refer us to their friends and family. Is moving on your mind? Contact The Boehmer Team for expert real estate assistance. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

St. Charles County Breweries

St. Charles County Breweries

In St. Charles County, Missouri there are many fine breweries crafting their unique take on beer, the oldest recipe in the world. In fact, due to a growing number of elite microbreweries, the St. Louis area has become a major destination for beer lovers nationwide. But we don’t think you need to leave St. Charles County for an amazing microbrew tasting experience. Check out the following St. Charles County area breweries.

Augusta Brew Haus

Augusta Brew Haus
5521 Water Street, Augusta, Mo 63332
Nestled in the hills of Augusta wine country is Augusta Brewing Company & Beer Garden. They offer a selection of beers under head brewer Shawn Herrin along with a menu of American fare. Sit in their dog-friendly biergarten and enjoy beautiful views of the Katy Trail as it runs along rich farmland.

Exit Six Brewery

Exit 6 Brewery

5055 Highway N, Suite 113, Cottleville, MO 63304
Exit 6 Brewery touts that they are “St Charles County’s first nano-brewery”. In addition to five beers made in-house, they offer 70 different craft beers with 23 beers on tap. The beer selection includes high-flavor, unique and crafty brews reflecting owners who are true beer nerds. Exit 6 Brewery does not have a kitchen but you can bring your own food or have food delivered to the brewpub. Check them out in Cottleville any day of the week or catch their podcast The Brewsroom.

Friendship Brewing Company

Friendship Brewing Company
100 East Pitman Ave, Wentzville, MO

Six beer-loving friends started Friendship Brewing Company in Wentzville. Together they built their brewery and craft creative beers. The brewpub often gets compliments on service and atmosphere that includes a pet-friendly outdoor patio space. Food options include appetizers, street tacos and sandwiches, some of which integrate Friendship beer. Events at Friendship include trivia nights, paint nights, bands, special beer and food tastings, Sunday Bloody Mary bar and more. The next time you’re in Wentzville give it a try.

Good News Brewery

Good News Brewery
330 Sonderen, O'Fallon, Missouri

Sharing the good news through Bible study is what brought Matt Fair and Dan Tripp together. Along with friend Josh Brewer, they created Good News Brewing Company in O’Fallon. They offer some great examples of traditional beers as well as twists on the classics. Enjoy a wood fired pizza and a salad with your beer. Also you can reserve the patio for your next private party.

Missouri Beer Company

Missouri Beer Company
22 West Industrial Drive, O'Fallon, MO 63366

You’ll find Missouri Beer Company brews at many festivals and beer events. Or you can catch them at their location during the week. They are closed Sundays and you should check if they are open on Saturdays as their location won’t be open if they are pouring at an event. Need contract brewing help? Contact the brewery for assistance by owners Dan Stauder, Dave Johnson or Tom Stauder. Try some of their great brews at the brewery or at a beer event near you.

Third Wheel Brewing

Third Wheel Brewing
4008 N. Service Rd
, St. Peters, MO 63376

At Third Wheel Brewing in St. Peters you’ll find a range of beer styles brewed on site by head brewer Abbey Spencer. The helpful staff can help you select your new favorite beer. They offer a full menu of items designed to be paired with beer. Check out their events page to find events like Beer Bingo, Burger Battles, Bluegrass Brunch, bands and special beer releases. Bring the family because this pub is all ages.

Trailhead Brewing Company
921 S. Riverside Drive, St. Charles, Mo 63301
At Trailhead Brewing Company you can witness the production of the beer through large windows while enjoying the beer and well-paired American cuisine. Visit the brewery near the trailhead of the Katy trail in the renovated Old Grist Mill along Riverside Drive right by Boone's Lick Road. When you’re done, step out onto the streets of Historic Downtown St. Charles, Missouri.

Two Plumbers Brewery and Arcade

Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade
2236 1st Capitol Dr., St. Charles, Missouri

You might be surprised to learn that Two Plumbers Brewery was not founded by plumbers but by two childhood friends, a microbiologist and an animator, that love making beer. The plumbers are actually a reference to characters in a classic video game. In March 2017 Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade was opened in an accessible strip mall location in St. Charles. Part brewery and part arcade, this 21 and over brewpub offers a bit of a departure from your usual brewery. In addition to their own beers they have several rotating taps serving beers from other Missouri breweries. They offer Dan O's pizza or you can bring your own food.

- - -

From the ancient Egyptians to modern times, beer continues to be an important consumable in our culture and economy. We’ve seen how a brewery can be an amenity to a community and we understand the importance of community establishments that attract people and bolster home values. Thinking of moving to a new neighborhood in St. Charles County? Contact The Boehmer Team.