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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

St. Charles County Late Summer Events 2019

St Charles County Late Summer Events 2019
August isn’t just about back to school. After all, it’s still summer! In fact, summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd. So let’s get out there and take advantage of what’s left of summer. Here’s a list of summer events in the St. Charles County area through the official end of summer.

Summer Events in St. Charles County

El Scorcho band

3312 Rue Royale, Saint Charles, MO 63301
Please come and enjoy El Scorcho playing your favorite old school rock hits on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 - from 7:00 - 10:00 PM at the New Town Amphitheater. Free event.

200 S. Main St., Saint Charles, MO 63301
It's Missouri's birthday and you're invited! Come help celebrate the 198th anniversary of Missouri becoming the 24th state, at the First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site. Make sure you don't miss the birthday cake and refreshing lemonade. Free event.

St. Charles Big Band

August 11 at 7:30pm
Frontier Park, 500 South Riverside Drive, Saint Charles, MO

The August 11 Big Band concert will feature music from the 50’s thru the 80’s. From Rock & Roll to Disco to Rhythm & Blues. Free event.

July 26 – August 13, Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-5pm, Wednesdays: 10am-9pm, Sunday: 12-4pm
Foundry Art Center, 520 North Main Street, Saint Charles, MO
This all-media exhibition will highlight works that are inspired by architecture or that incorporate architectural elements. Works may depict actual architectural forms, or may approach the theme less literally by incorporating grids or other structural lines. The visual language of drafting, such as plans, elevations, and cross-sections, may also be utilized in the artwork. Free event.

Beale Street Concert Series August 2019

August 14 at 6pm
1650 Beale St., Saint Charles, MO 63301
Free Beale Street Concert Series the 2nd Wednesday of each month
May-October! Food and beverages provided by the wonderful
restaurants at Streets of St. Charles! Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the show!

August 16
230 S. Main St., Saint Charles, MO 63301
The Festival of the Little Hills is the Midwest’s Premier Arts and Craft Show. Coordinated by the not-for-profit organization of the same name, Fete Des Petite Cotes is named in honor of the settlement (now known as St. Charles) founded by the French-Canadian explorer Louis Blanchette in 1769. Free event.

BMB Band

August 21 at 5pm
Downtown Historic District, 100 & 200 blocks of North Main Street, Saint Charles, MO
Free event. Bring lawn chairs. Food and drinks available for purchase.

August 24 at 11:00am
Frontier Park, 500 South Riverside Drive, Saint Charles, MO
Join us at the finish line in Frontier Park from 11 am to 5 pm for great food, live music and fun activities that highlight easy ways to encourage and enjoy healthy rivers. Free event.

August 30 (5:00PM - 11:00PM), 31 (12:00PM - 11:00PM)
Frontier Park, 222 S. Riverside Dr., Saint Charles, MO
A two day celebration in 2019 includes live music, carnival, food & craft vendors, and fireworks over the river. Free event.

Mosaics Fine Art Festival 25th anniversary

September 13 at 7:30pm
Historic Saint Charles Downtown District, Saint Charles, MO
Families, art collectors, and aspiring artists seeking a wonderful weekend of arts and culture come to the Mosaics Fine Art Festival. This year offers an outstanding display of art appreciation featuring nearly 100 juried selected artists, entertainment, children’s art education activities, and enjoyment. Free event.

September 18 at 5pm
Downtown Historic District, 100 & 200 blocks of North Main Street, Saint Charles, MO
Free event. Bring lawn chairs. Food and drinks available for purchase.

Do you know of an upcoming event this summer that we missed? Let us know and we’ll add it to this list. We love to get out and enjoy all that St. Charles County has to offer.

If your main summer event is buying or selling a home, contact The Boehmer Team for award winning real estate services. Or check out our other blog articles full of real estate advice to help you make the best informed decisions about real estate.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Dangers of Overpricing Your Home

The Dangers of Overpricing Your Home

Pricing a home for sale is one of the most strategic decisions home sellers must make. Of course you want to get the most possible money for your home. However there are definite dangers to overpricing a home or “testing the market” by starting with a bloated list price.

The best strategy for listing a St. Louis or St. Charles County home, or any property, is getting the price right the first time. We’d like to show you how proper list price saves time, money and creates better outcomes for the sellers. 


You know the feeling of finding a brand new product that just hit the market? That feeling occurs in real estate too. Many eyes go to a property when it first comes on the market. If the home has an asking price that is beyond market range it can adversely affect the marketing of a property because marketing time is prolonged and initial marketing momentum is lost.

Market time versus homebuyer interest

Percent of Buyers Who Will View a Property

The price of a property will definitely affect the number of potential buyers who will even view it. Online home search sites make it easy to filter out properties by price range in small increments. Homes priced higher than comparable homes for sale may not even filter into a homebuyer’s online search results.  Fewer buyers will be attracted and fewer offered received.

An overpriced property will likely attract “lookers” and will help competing houses look better by comparison. If the property does sell above true market value, it may not appraise, and the buyers may not be able to secure a loan. Finally, after many price reductions the property may eventually sell below market value.

Market value versus homebuyer interest

Your First Offer is Often Your Best Offer

Seriously consider the first offer received. Just because an offer is received quickly doesn’t mean one should wait for a better offer from another buyer. A better buyer rarely appears. New buyers are waiting for the right home to come on the market and will come see your home. Dealers may consider a lower offer after the home has been on the market for a while.  Bottom feeders are attracted after multiple price reductions.

First Home Offer is Often The Best Home Offer

Properties priced correctly within market range generate more showings and offers, and sell in a shorter period of time. So how do you price a home accurately? Have an experienced local Realtor create a competitive market analysis for your home. You can’t depend on a computer-generated algorithm to know all the updates you’ve made to your home and how it compares to similar homes recently sold. Depend on a local Realtor that understands all these details.  If you do use a computer generated home value estimator, keep in mind that the results might not be completely accurate.

Thinking of listing a St. Louis or St. Charles County area home? Contact The Boehmer Team to create a competitive market analysis for your home. A Comparative Market Analysis considers similar properties that a) have sold in the recent past showing us what buyers in the market have actually paid for, b) properties similar to yours currently on the market that will be competing with yours for the attention of available buyers, and c) properties that failed to sell to understand what they did wrong and what can be done differently. An impartial evaluation of market activity is the most effective way to estimate a property’s potential selling price and an excellent opportunity for you to interview Realtors to work with. Contact The Boehmer Team for more information.