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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Year-End Giving for Altruism, Gifts, and Taxes

Year-End Giving for Altruism, Gifts, and Taxes

Year-end giving usually refers to the time between Giving Tuesday in the end of November and New Year’s Eve at the end of December. This narrow time frame has a big impact, as it’s when charitable organizations often raise the most compared to other times of year. 


Charitable giving during the holiday season is essential for not-for-profits because it is the time of year when they receive most of the donations that make their services possible.


According to  “Approximately 31% of all annual giving occurs in December and approximately 12% of all annual giving occurs in the last three days of December. 28% of nonprofits report raising between 26% – 50% of their annual funds at year’s end.”


Reasons for End-of-Year Giving

There are so many positive reasons to donate to charitable organizations at year’s end that benefit the charity, you, and your friends.

  • Holiday Spirit
  • Gifts for Those Who Have Everything and Love a Particular Charity
  • Feeling Good About Supporting a Worthy Cause 
  • Increase in Life Satisfaction
  • Financial Incentives via Tax Breaks

Donor Card Gift Card
Click on this image, then right-click on it and Save, to print for your own donation gifts.

Did you know that 50% of U.S. households give annually, and 81% of more affluent households give? (According to CCS Fundraising's Philanthropic Landscape Report) Keep these stats in mind the next time you’re feeling down about the world. We don’t see all the good individual acts of giving that happen every single day.


Suggested National and Local Charities: 

For The Boehmer Team, a top real estate team in St. Charles County, Missouri, end-of-year giving is a tradition. Some of our favorite local and national charities include:


Sunshine Kids: A national organization that has benefited St. Louis and St. Charles County area children recovering from or in treatment for cancer through trips and events where they can interact with children in similar situations.


Serve St. Charles: An organization that serves St. Charles families via a Christmas store, their Neighbor Helping Neighbor program and their Serve North County Food Pantry.

The Boehmer Team working with Serve St. Charles
The Boehmer Team working with Serve St. Charles.


St. Charles Lions Club (The First Capitol Lions): This is our local chapter of Lions Club International, the largest non-profit service organization in the world. Their motto is, "We Serve".  They are always working on projects to help the community.


Five Acres Animal Shelter: A no-kill animal shelter in St. Charles County with a mission to end pet homelessness, promote responsible pet ownership, and advocate for animal welfare


- - -

Is there a charity that you are passionate about? Leave a link to the charity in the comments section. Is there a real estate question you have, or are you ready to buy or sell a home in the St. Louis or St. Charles County area? Contact The Boehmer Team!



Tuesday, November 29, 2022

How To Support Local Businesses in St. Charles County Over the Holidays

How To Support Local Businesses in St. Charles County Over the Holidays

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us. There’s nowhere better to find gifts and spend money this season than somewhere local to St. Charles County, Missouri. Buy shopping local, you support business owners in your area. Here are some ways you can support local over the holidays.


Shop there

One of the best ways to support a small business during the holidays is to shop there often, for items you use yourself or items you plan to give away as gifts.


Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great thing for small businesses because they're a source of instant revenue. If you have picky people on your holiday shopping list, it pays to purchase gift cards from local businesses, provided your loved ones have access to those stores.

October Moon Trading Co
One of the many great shops in Old St. Charles.

Meet Friends There

Next time your friends ask to meet to dine at a well-known chain restaurant, suggest visiting a local option instead. You'll likely enjoy a more unique menu and comparable or even more competitive prices.
One of our favorite places to meet friends and shop is old St. Charles. There you’ll find shops like October Moon Trading Co. They always have fun and unique gifts at prices for all budgets


Host Events There

Need a place for your holiday event or large family gathering? Check your local options. Rather than cram people into your home, a small business may be open to holding your holiday event. Cork & Rind in St. Charles is a great local option to drink, eat, shop or host a gathering

Cork and Rind Private Events
Private event space at Cork & Rind

Tip a Little Extra

The hosts and servers at your local establishments need holiday spending money to spread around the community too.  I’m sure the staff at one of our favorites, O’Kanes Kitchen in Cottleville, would appreciate a bigger tip. Oh, they offer gift cards too.


Keep Them in Mind for the Future

Since it can be easy to forget local businesses that don’t have giant ad budgets, keep a list of local business you like to refer to in the future.

Show Some Social Media Love

Write rave reviews, share posts from your favorite local business, and/or tag friends in posts about local businesses. We’re doing our part by mentioning some our favorites here in this article.


Kelly and Linda at O'Kanes Kitchen
Linda & Kelly with another Realtor and Broker, Deb at O'Kanes Kitchen

Sign Up for Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep tabs on your favorite local businesses. Sign up for their newsletter to hear about their latest sales, events and new products.


Refer Your Family and Friends

Spread the word and multiply your influence for a great local business by referring your friends and family.


- - -


Smaller, local businesses are important to St. Charles County. These businesses create jobs locally, contributing to better property values. So it really does pay to do what you can to support local businesses in your area during the holidays and all year round. Speaking of local, did you know The Boehmer Team members are all local to the St. Charles County area? When you need an expert in the area for real estate, contact The Boehmer Team.




Wednesday, October 5, 2022

October Events in St. Charles County 2022

October Events in St. Charles County Missouri 2022

The many parties, events and festivals in October for residents of St. Charles County, Missouri makes for a exciting month. While some of these events are new and improved, others are long-time family favorites for folks in the area. Whenever we aren’t serving our wonderful real estate clients, we’re trying to fit in as many of these fun events as possible. Just check out this list!



 Pumpkin Glow in Historic St. Charles, Missouri


Pumpkin Fantasyland and Pick Your Own Pumpkins
Location: 199 Jackson Street. Augusta, Missouri
Dates: Saturdays and Sundays in October
Decorated with full size pumpkin and gourd figures representing farm folks, storybook characters and some of your favorite movie characters. Hundreds of large and small pumpkins.


Daniel's Farm & Greenhouse October Harvest
Location: 352 Jungermann Rd., St Peters, Mo
Dates: October 1 – October 31st, 2022
Pumpkins available for purchase without admission to straw maze and much more.


Pumpkin Glow in Historic St. Charles
Location: 230 S. Main St.
Dates: October 28, 2022 - October 29, 2022
The street will be illuminated with hundreds of eerily glowing pumpkins. Not a trick-or-treating event.


Autumn Harvest at Streets of St. Charles
Location: 1650 Beale Street Saint Charles, MO
Dates October 15, 2022, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
2nd annual Autumn Harvest event at Streets of St. Charles! Celebrate fall with pumpkin carving, drinks, live music & more!



Halloween Party in the Park - Lake St Louis

Legends & Lanterns
Location: 230 S. Main St. Saint Charles, MO
Dates: 15, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30
Legends & Lanterns, a "spirited" journey through Halloween History is an annual event that finds its inspiration from the past. From the vintage charm of Halloween in the 1910s-1930s, to the historical rituals and customs brought to the holiday by the Druids and Victorians, to the ethereal atmosphere depicted in American ghost stories and Brothers Grimm fairy tales; this event will offer treats and tricks for guests of all ages. A little bit silly. A little bit macabre. But all in fun.

Ghoul House and Haunted Trail
Location: 5546 Chestnut St, St Charles, MO 63304
Dates: October 26th-29th
Join us for an evening of fun and frights at The Public School House in Cottleville, Missouri! ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT COTTLEVILLE FIREFIGHTERS OUTREACH!


City of Flint Halloween Carnival

City of Flint Hill Halloween Carnival

Location: 2061 Grothe Rd,Wentzville,MO
Dates: October 30th from Noon to 3 p.m.
They will have Carnival Games, Prizes, Trick-or-Treating, Music, Vendors, and More!

Halloween Party in the Park
Location: Founders Park (7 Freymuth Road, Lake St. Louis, MO)
Dates: Friday, October 21,2022
FREE family-friendly event. Activities will include inflatables, DJ, balloon sculptures, face painters, pony rides, and many more hauntingly good treats!


St. Louis Renaissance Festival 2022

St. Louis Renaissance Festival
Location: 2577 West Meyer Rd. Wentzville, MO
Dates: September 17th – October 23rd
The St. Louis Renaissance Festival is a long-standing event that brings you the adventure, excitement, and spirit of the Renaissance! Travel back in time as you step into the beautifully wooded, 16th century French village we call Petit Lyon. Thrill to the exploits of Jousting Knights on thundering steeds. Roam the shops for unique crafts by artisans like blacksmithing and woodworking. Nine stages of entertainment will delight with comedy, music, magic, and more. Enjoy delicious food and drink from the far reaches of the globe, and interact with the colorful villagers, nobles, peasants and characters of ages past. Weekends September 17-October 23, 2022 plus Monday October 10, 2022.  Free Parking.


- - -


Did you see any events on this list that you absolutely can’t miss? Maybe one of us on The Boehmer Team will see you there. Meanwhile, October can also be a busy month in real estate. It’s still a great time to sell. And someone on The Boehmer Team can always make time for your real estate needs. Contact us if you have any real estate questions or if we missed any events on this article.



Monday, September 12, 2022

How to Have a Successful Neighborhood Yard Sale

How to Have a Successful Neighborhood Yard Sale

Organizing a neighborhood or community yard sales in St. Charles County doesn’t have to be hard. With a few tips to help, a successful community sale is much more likely. In turn, you and your neighbors can have some camaraderie while getting rid of unwanted items and making some extra money. Here’s what to do when organizing this type of event.


1. Talk to Your Neighbors & Pick a Date

A neighborhood garage sale will include your neighbors. Reach out to your neighbors about the community sale. You’ll want to find out if they would like to be involved and check if there are any dates that definitely won’t work for them.


2. Check City & Neighborhood Rules

Does your city or neighborhood HOA have rules setup for yard sales? Visit your city website or swing by town hall to look for yard sale regulations, find any permits you need to obtain, or learn if any special signage is required to have the sale.

Community Garage Sale To-Do's

3. Advertise With Signage

Create signage for the upcoming community yard sale is important. Add a number to call if any neighbors would like to participate in the sale. This way if you missed talking to a neighbor they will be alerted and still able to participate. Also, anyone who sees the signage knows to save the date to shop the sale.

Signage can be hand made or printed. Put large signage at the entrance to your neighborhood or in front of your or your neighbors’ homes or in other high traffic areas of your community. Smaller signage like flyers can be handed out, mailed or put up on bulletin boards at your local grocery store, post office, etc.

Some great places online to create yard sale flyers cheap or free include:, Adobe Express, and VistaCreate.


4. Advertise Online

Some places to advertise a neighborhood yard sale online include: your neighborhood website or Facebook page, community Facebook group, your city website or Facebook page, a Facebook Event,, your local area newspapers, or via email. Apps like Nextdoor, Garage Sales Everywhere, LetGo and OfferUp are also great for posting your sale.

Putting Together a Neighborhood Garage Sale

5. Setup - Make it Easy to Browse

How your yard sale looks can effect how well your items sell. Be sure to have plenty of display space like tables or shelves to showcase your items. Folding tables are a great option but you can also create tables with boards and saw horses or similar items and cover the whole “table” with a tablecloth to hide its makeshift nature and make it look more appealing.


6. Price it Right

When pricing, an old rule of thumb is to price an item for a third of what it would cost new. However, condition is a huge factor in pricing as well. A new or hardly used item may get a third of its original cost, but any age, wear or tear will effect how appealing an item will be to a customer. Worn items will bring a lot less. Be ready to haggle too as this is something yard sale buyers love to do.


How to Do a Neighborhood Garage Sale

7. Have Cash Ready

Since yard sales are generally a cash sale, you’ll want to be sure you have plenty of cash ready for change. For security, it’s recommended to keep that cash on you at all times for security. An apron with deep pockets, a money belt or fanny pack will help.


8. Have Bags Available

Keep bags on hand for buyers that buy a lot of items.  This is a great use for grocery bags that you may have built up over time. Your buyers will appreciate your preparedness!


How to Do a Neighborhood Garage Sale

9. Donate Unsold Items

When the sale is over you can donate any unsold items. We recently wrote about Donating Household Items in St. Charles County. Check out the article for a list of area charities, resale and consignment stores that take donations of unwanted household items.



Get a sponsor to absorb many of the costs.  A good and organized sponsor will handle signage, marketing, maps, participating yard markers and maybe even provide some breakfast goodies! Realtors that live in the neighborhood are usually happy to sponsor. 


The Boehmer Team is currently preparing for a community yard sale at The Villages at Sandfort Farm in St. Charles on Sept. 17 and St. Andrews in St. Charles on October 8. We hope you save the dates and come out and browse the sales and say “Hi”. Also, we’re always available to talk about St. Louis and St. Charles County area real estate. Reach out and contact us anytime. We have years of experience in new construction and residential sales.



Thursday, August 18, 2022

Donate Household Items in St. Charles County

Donate Household Items in St. Charles County

We often find people needing a place to donate used furniture and household items while working in real estate in St. Charles County. The Boehmer Team members always give our clients some options for what to do with these items. What we’ve realized is that to keep our St. Charles County communities and households clean, EVERYONE needs to know of these great options for donating and disposing of household items in the area. Here’s a list of places to donate, sell or recycle your things in St. Charles County, Missouri.



Goodwill locations in St. Charles County

Goodwill Retail Stores

There are six Goodwill locations where you can donate furniture and household items in the St. Charles County area. For more information about Goodwill check out their website at:  Here’s a list of St. Charles County, Missouri Goodwill locations:

  • Goodwill Retail Store of St. Charles
    2420 West Clay Street

  • Goodwill Retail Store of St. Peters – Harvester Rd.
    3551 Harvester Rd.

  • Goodwill Retail Store of St. Peters, MO – Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
    620 Midrivers Mall Drive

  • Goodwill Donation X-Press
    635 Salt Lick Rd.

  • Goodwill Retail Store of O’Fallon
    1210 Highway K

  • Goodwill Retail Store of Lake St. Louis
    913 Robert Raymond Drive

OASIS thrift store

OASIS Thrift Store

The O.A.S.I.S Food Pantry organization has been serving hungry families in the St. Charles County area for years. But did you know that have a thrift store? They even take donations. Learn more about OASIS, what they do and about items you can donate at:

1812 Boone’s Lick Rd.

The Sharing Shed

The Sharing Shed

The Sharing Shed was started in 2001 by Vicki Unser, who first ran The Shed out of her garage. She was inspired to help provide items to families in need. Now they have a great location in O’Fallon to donate and purchase items.  Learn more abut The Sharing Shed and the donation items they accept and don’t accept on their website:

923 East Terra Lane. O'Fallon, MO 63366

Salvation Army stores in St. Charles County

The Salvation Army

After a Christian mission was described as a “volunteer army” in their annual report in 1878, they decide to take the name Salvation Army. Since then the organization has been a force to serve in over 100 countries.  At the Salvation Army one can donate many types of items from clothing to furniture to vehicles.  You can even schedule a free pickup.  Visit for more information. Here are the two St. Charles County Salvation Army locations.

  • Salvation Army O'Fallon Corps (MO) Donation Drop Box
    William Booth Dr, O'Fallon, MO, 63366

  • Saint Peters (MO) Family Store & Donation Drop Off
    30 Harvester Square, Saint Peters, MO, 63303

Renewed Treasures thrift store in St. Charles County

Renewed Treasures

In the city of St. Charles you can find Renewed Treasures. They accept all types of household item donations (no mattresses, TV’s or computers). They also accepted items for recycling, repurposing, or revenue including: used printer ink cartridges, broken jewelry, aluminum can tabs and old keys (partner with Ronald McDonald House), damaged books, shoes, purses, and clothing.  Visit their website at to learn more about them.

2215 Droste Road, St. Charles, MO, United States

FISH thrift store in St. Charles

FISH of St Charles Food Pantry and Thrift Store

F.I.S.H. or Friends In Serving Him was founded in 1969 and is a volunteer organization to the less fortunate in St Charles County providing food, clothing, linens, housewares and care. Donations are accepted on Saturday only. Be sure to reach out to them to see if they have room for your type of donation. Learn more about FISH at

1150 Cave Springs Estates Drive
St Peters MO 63376

Mary Martha Thrift Store

Mary Martha Thrift Shop

Brought to you by St. Patrick Catholic Church is Mary Martha Thrift Shop.  Here you are allowed to bring your donations freely and place them in either of the drop-off sheds as space allows.  If a shed is full it will be locked. Donations left on the ground will be discarded, so please either place them in one of the drop sheds or bring them back when space allows. Note: they tend to accept smaller household items and clothes. For more information on what can and can’t be donated visit:

9 W Koenig St, Wentzville, MO 63385

USA Resale Store

USA Resale

With three locations in the St. Charles County area, USA Resale is a great option if you want to sell your items via consignment. The furniture or household items to be dropped off must be pre-approved by sending a photo to the individual store you wish to consign with.  The money you make at USA Resale can be in the form of store credit or via a check (if your balance is $25.00 or more). Learn more about USA Resale at their website:

  • 10 Town & Country Market Place, Warrenton, MO 63383
    Phone: (636) 456-8188

  • 1251 Wentzville Pkwy, Wentzville, MO 63385
    Phone: (636) 327-7666

  • 4109 Old Highway 94 South, St. Charles, MO 63304
    Phone: (636) 366-6100

Recycle Works Central St. Charles

Recycle Works Central

If you need to dispose of something that a thrift or resale store won’t take, check out Recycle Works Central. They accept things like old computers, nonworking appliances, car batteries, cooking oil, scrap metal and more. They are currently only open Monday through Friday. For a full list of things that can be recycled at their location in St. Charles County, visit

60 Triad South Drive, St. Charles, MO 63304
Ph: 636-949-7900, ext. 4273


- - -

We hope this list helps you clear your home of items that no longer have a good place in it. Please do not dump unwanted furniture and household items in our lovely community.  Contact The Boehmer Team If you’re looking for a bigger home with more space for your items or a smaller home to worry about less stuff in. We strive to help area buyers and sellers get the best deal and have the best real estate experience in our area.