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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fans of Fandom

Why We're Fans of Fandom

With the Super Bowl almost upon us we couldn’t help but discuss the joy of the fans. You see, we are BIG fans of football. Watching athletes who have trained to fight down that beautiful green field and score in the face of others trying to take them down is thrilling. The way you can feel the sound in your chest when the crowd roars after a touchdown is exhilarating. When you are enjoying football with friends, any of the day’s prior disagreements no longer matter, just the joy of the game.

We love the uniquely American game of football and the camaraderie we enjoy with other football fans – yes, even the ones from other teams. In fact, The Boehmer Team’s leaders, Linda and Kelly, each have different favorite football teams. Ultimately, we are just fans of the sport. Football fans share a common language of game rules, television habits and stories of events we’ve watched unfold together.

Fans are fans because they want to share their passion for something. They don’t care if it isn’t cool, or if they’ll look stupid doing it. They are fans because they can’t help not to be. Something about the experience is so good that they want to celebrate it, even if it means shouting it from the rooftops, while wearing face paint, in an oversized jersey, in front of people they work with.

While working in real estate, we’ve become fans of many people that help us provide the best client experiences.  We’d like to give a shout out to some of those people: Jeff Greige of Paramount Mortgage , homebuilders Bridgewater Communities, Fischer & Frichtel, Genesis Development, Renaissance Living, Wool Custom Homes, the home stagers at InHance It!, our brokers/owners Deb Colburn, Maryanne Vitale, Rick Colburn, and of course all our amazing team members. We’re big fans of these folks and want to say thank you for making us into fans.

After we assist our clients in real estate we ask for a review of our services to ensure we are providing the best experience. The feedback shows that we have made some fans of our own. We’d like to thank those who take the time to write us a testimonial.

If you’ve worked with The Boehmer Team and would like to leave a testimonial, click here.  Or if you’d just like to learn more about The Boehmer Team and how we can assist you with St. Louis or St. Charles County real estate click here. We’d love to turn you into a fan.

To all the fans out there… GO TEAM! We hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday.