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Friday, March 26, 2021

Picking the Perfect Lot

Picking the Perfect Lot

To be perfectly honest, the phrase “perfect” rarely applies to a lot. It really comes down to what features make it perfect or most favorable for the buyer. Choosing the lot or home site where a home will be built is an important part of deciding to build a new home and should be one of a buyer's first considerations. 


If you’re building new construction real estate in the St. Louis or St. Charles county area, find a lot you can appreciate for years as well as one that will appreciate in value. When considering features that make one lot better than another, there are a variety of things that may be important.


Quick Summary: How to pick the perfect lot.

To choose the perfect lot to build a new home, one needs to consider: location, size, direction, elevation, drainage plan, surrounding areas, utility pedestals, lot premiums, and what builder options there are for the lot among other details. A local Realtor experienced in new construction can help you address these considerations and guide you through the process of building a new home.

How to pick the best home site


The home site one buys is likely where you are going to live. If you have children in school you’ll need to pay attention to area school district boundaries. If you work outside the home you’ll need to factor in your preferred commute time. Check if the lot is close to shopping, parks or restaurants that you frequent. If the lot is in a new neighborhood being built, you’ll want to consider the neighborhood amenities and/or HOA fees. It's a good idea to check with the municipality you are considering to see if there are specific rules or guidelines that apply. 


The Direction of the Lot

We understand that the direction a home will face is often important to buyers. Whatever the reason, the direction a home faces is often considered to be one of the most important factors that buyers consider. Be sure your Realtor and homebuilder know if the direction of the lot it of upmost importance to you.


Home site on a hill

Hilly Versus Level Lots

Do you prefer a level lot or a home built into a hill with a backside of windows to see the view? Think about what you want and what you might be willing to work with.  After all, a truly level lot does not even exist. Due to grading plans and required drainage swails, completely level lots pose a variety of issues and challenges.  While a lot may be mostly level, there are sure to be areas that have slight elevations. 

Lot Premiums

Homebuilders may charge a lot premium or additional charge based on lot features and location within a community. Lots with more space, that offer a good view, or something that sets them apart from other lots may draw a lot premium.


Choosing the best home site

Builder Options for a Particular Lot

The choice of homebuilder options may be different based on the lot you choose. If you have a piece of land in mind that you want to build on, you may have a variety of home builders that will help you build develop on the land. If you purchase a lot within a particular neighborhood, you’ll likely only get to use the homebuilder who is developing that neighborhood. So if the homebuilder is important to you, check to see if they can build on your chosen lot or what lots they have available.


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