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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Boehmer Team Combine Real Estate and Philanthropy

2016 brought an active real estate market to the St. Louis and St. Charles County, Missouri areas and signs point to a similar 2017. The busy market was both demanding and rewarding for The Boehmer Team, who was able to help hundreds of families and individuals buy or sell a home. 

With each home that The Boehmer Team lists, a donation is made to Sunshine Kids, a charity benefitting children with cancer. The Sunshine Kids listing donation program was created by their brokerage, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties and is available to all BHHS Select Properties agents. For the last 8 years, The Boehmer Team has been recognized as top contributors to the listing donation program.
The Boehmer Team help St. Louis Sunshine Kids
Local Sunshine Kid got to throw the first pitch
at a Cardinals Baseball Game.

In addition to the listing program, The Boehmer Team works events that raise funds for Sunshine Kids all year long. Sunshine Kids is a national organization that has benefitted St. Louis and St. Charles County area children through trips and events where they can interact with other children recovering from or in treatment for cancer.

“Our support of the Sunshine Kids has never wavered,” says Linda Boehmer. “We are one hundred percent committed to the children and families that face their challenge with a strength and passion that we cannot imagine.  They are the true heroes.”

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices continually works to generate support for Sunshine Kids among their 44,000 agents nationally. The Boehmer Team is committed to Sunshine Kids and has a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. This dedication has earned The Boehmer Team a spot as one of the top 10 contributors to Sunshine Kids in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network nationwide.

The Boehmer Team fund raise for Sunshine Kids

Another organization that is near and dear to The Boehmer Team is Hunt For Justice. The Boehmer Team was fortunate to meet Chris and Jessie Hunt when they helped them purchase a home after relocating from out-of-state over ten years ago. 

“They are wonderful people with huge hearts and a desire to help others,” said Linda Boehmer. “Their dedication is contagious.”

The Boehmer Team support Hunt For Justice
The Boehmer Team’s support for Hunt For Justice includes: sponsoring trivia events, volunteering and sponsoring opportunities at the annual Hunt for Justice Golf Tournament, donating items for the annual garage sale fundraiser, operating a survivor football pool that donates proceeds to the organization and making a contribution for anyone who buys or sells a home that uses or learns of The Boehmer Team through the Hunt for Justice organization.

Through their affiliation with Payne Family Homes, The Boehmer Team had the opportunity to help another local first responder that suffered an extreme hardship in 2016.  They were able to assist this family by making a donation that will allow them to make structural alterations needed to make their home suitable for their needs.

The Boehmer Team at St Charles Lions Club Tivia Night
Boehmer Team members and family at Lions Club Trivia Night.
In addition The Boehmer Team strongly support the St. Charles Lions Club by sponsoring trivia night, golf tournaments, raffles, and holiday support for the Missouri School for the Blind residents.

The entire Boehmer Team is willing to help when needed.  All members of the team share a genuine caring nature and desire to give back to the community in which they live and work. The team also support numerous local school events including sports, dance, theatrical, young business leaders and various other student activities and organizations.

The Boehmer Team Members
The Boehmer Team
“There is no better way to say thank you to our friends, family, valued clients, local organizations and schools that have continually supported our business than to give back to them in any way we can,” says Kelly Boehmer. “It can be in the form of time, monetary donations, or any type of support that is needed to be rewarding.  We are grateful for the opportunities to give back.”

If you would like to reach out to The Boehmer Team about how you can help get involved with supporting these organizations, email Or, list a house with The Boehmer Team to assist in supporting these great causes. Learn more about The Boehmer Team or find your future home at

Friday, December 16, 2016

10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

Questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent

When buying or selling a home in St. Louis or St. Charles County Missouri you have many options when it comes to choosing a Realtor. So many options, in fact, that it can become overwhelming. So how do you know which St. Louis or St. Charles County area Realtor to trust? To help with this we have developed a list of ten questions you should ask when interviewing a real estate agent or team.

1. What is your level of experience?
Real estate agents know that what you learn practicing real estate is far more than you ever learned in real estate school. Be sure to choose an agent with experience.  Ask the agents you are considering the following questions: 
How many homes do you sell yearly?
How many buyers versus listings did you close last year?
What percent of the listing price did you get on your closed listings in the last year?

2. Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors?
This membership requires real estate agents to work under a strict code of conduct and requires them to keep up continuing education to learn of changes in the real estate industry. It also allows real estate agents to call themselves a Realtor.

3. What type of staff or support resources do you have?
Does the agent have support staff like dedicated buyer or listing agents, transaction coordinators or secretaries that help them achieve the best results for their clients? What about technology systems that help them help you? Do they have access to a lawyer should the need arise? If a Realtor has more than one client, or if they work part-time, they will need support for a smooth transaction.

4. Are you a part-time or full-time Realtor?
Top selling part-time real estate agents do not exist. A successful, quality Realtor is a full-time Realtor.

5. Do you use a professional photographer to take your photos?  
Your home, regardless of the listing price deserves and needs professional photos to properly market a home.  Cell phone photos and photos taken by a friend who has a nice camera are not acceptable.  You need professional photos and the proper resolution to get the best results.  The agents that have the clearest understanding of best marketing practices have several strategies and need the best photos available to market their homes.  
6. What areas do you primarily work in?
If the agent is an expert at selling city homes and you live in a rural area of the county, it might not be a good fit. Real estate is hyper-local and knowing the local market makes a big difference.

7. Have you sold any homes in my neighborhood?
The answer to this question will let you know if the agent has sold, shown or is familiar with the benefits of living in your neighborhood or area.

8. How will you market my home?
Does the agent have a solid home marketing plan? Or is the plan to put a sign in the yard and wait? A well constructed marketing plan should include online, offline and in-home marketing services to help you get the most money for your home.  You want to work with an agent or team of agents that makes an investment in your home.  It is critical that your home is fully enhanced on all of the major real estate websites.  Ask the agents you are considering this question, “why should I chose you to list my home?”

9. How will you keep me informed of your progress?
Does the Realtor put a sign in your yard and disappear indefinitely? A quality real estate agent should have a plan for reporting progress and checking in regularly with their clients.

10.  Is there anything that you specialize in or do different from other real estate agents?
Many Realtors have learned specific sets of skills due to their experience and/or education. Even if that set of skills is not specific to your needs, knowing that an agent has a special set of skills is helpful.

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home in the St. Louis or St. Charles County areas in Missouri?  Why not interview The Boehmer Team? Contact us to learn how we are uniquely qualified to assist you. Or learn more about us at