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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Understanding Your Property Survey

It is a good idea to get a property survey when you buy a home so that you know the location of the boundaries of your property.  If you are financing your home with a mortgage loan, the lender will most likely require a survey.
Surveys can be very simple to read – if you know what you’re looking at.  There are several basic items that are shown on a boundary survey.  These are a few of the most commonly seen items.

3 Of The Most Common Items On A Survey

1. Street Address
This is typically listed on the drawing, as there are times when the common address is not the same as the address acknowledged by the US Post Office.  It is also a verification that a survey was done on the correct property.

2. Lot Number and Subdivision Name
A surveyor bases their survey off of a recorded deed which contains a legal description (also known as a property description).  This includes the lot number, block number and subdivision name.  Again, further clarification that the survey was performed on the lot that you were intending to purchase.

3. Lot dimensions and bearings
In order to know where the lot is, the surveyor will reference the recorded subdivision plat to find data to determine information about the lot being surveyed.  Items that are commonly referenced include:
  • Bearings – these are the angular measurements that determines the direction in which a property line runs.  Common directions would be North, North-east, South-east, etc.
  • Distances – these are dimensions provide that determine the width and depth of a property.  These are typically listed in surveyors’ feet (ex. 12.5 feet – which is equivalent to 12 feet and 6 inches).  These measurements are a true horizontal distance, not a slope distance.

“Keep in mind that when you are purchasing a “home”, you are not just purchasing a structure.  You are purchasing a lot or a tract of land that just happens to have a structure on it.  Unless you have a boundary survey performed, you won’t know where your land starts and stops.  Fences, mow lines, hedge rows and utility boxes are not accurate depictions as to where land ownership starts and stops.  Having a boundary survey performed will Make It Known What You Own.”  Shelly Clark – owner, Cardinal Surveying & Mapping, Inc.

There are many components to a survey, we’ve just discussed a few.  These key items aide the surveyor and homeowner in verifying what is being purchased and they help protect the interest of the buyer during the purchase of their home.

The Boehmer Team Can Help

When you are buying a home with The Boehmer Team, we help you get the survey you need. We can recommend reputable surveying companies like Cardinal Surveying for you to choose from.  We also will assist you in reading and understanding the survey results. For a great home buying or selling experience, contact The Boehmer Team.

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