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Friday, August 14, 2020

New Home Opportunities in a Competitive Market

New Home Opportuities in a Competitive Market

If you’ve been home shopping recently for St. Louis or St. Charles County real estate, you’ve probably noticed something – things are rather competitive. Currently there aren’t as many homes available for sale as there are homebuyers trying to buy homes (known as a sellers market). Homebuyers are having more difficulty procuring a home they want against all the competition. Those who consider buying new give themselves another option. How about you? Have you considered buying new?


Already Built New Homes in St. Louis

Builder Inventory Homes

Homebuyers can buy a new home often for a similar price as a pre-existing one. Check out homebuilders’ inventory of already-built or being-built homes that have yet to be sold.  Every month that a completed home doesn’t sell incurs costs for the homebuilder, so builders may be more motivated to sell homes in their inventory.

Often times inventory homes are priced including promotions and incentives that you would receive had you built the home from the ground up.  Builders also choose top-selling floor plans with the most popular features and finishes for their inventory homes so they appeal to today’s buyers.  Many buyers love the idea that they see exactly what they are getting when buying a home from inventory. Buying an inventory home is often a very smart move for today’s buyer for a number of reasons. 

We’ve put together a webpage specifically so you can see what builder inventory homes are currently available for sale in our area. Check out our New & Now page to see the many great new home opportunities available.


St. Louis New Homes For Sale

Historically Low Interest Rates

Interest rates are still historically low. This means you can get more house for your budget. If you need help finding a reputable mortgage lender, contact us to offer some suggestions of home lenders to check out. Also, don’t miss trying our mortgage calculator to find out what your monthly payments might be based on the price of a home, the interest rate and length of the loan. 

New Homes For Sale in St. Louis

Using an Experienced Buyers Agent

Experienced buyers specialists, like the ones on The Boehmer Team, can help you with the home buying process at little to no cost. Our job is to help you find home buying opportunities that match your needs and help you through the process of purchasing a home, which is especially helpful in a competitive market. 


Our network provides us access to homes being prepared for the market that aren’t even listed yet. We also know of off-market listings to show our homebuyers. Using a Boehmer Team Buyer Specialist gives you an edge over trying to procure a home on your own.

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If you are a homebuyer currently looking for a new or pre-existing home to buy, contact The Boehmer Team. We can help you procure your dream home and even help sell your current home. Reach out any time for a no obligation home buying or selling consultation and learn our strategies to help buyers and sellers. 


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