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Monday, February 14, 2011

The House That Built Me

You may or may not be country music fans.  Maybe you are like us, and love several types of music from Hip-Hop to Country to Classic Rock to 80’s hits.  Our Prudential Select Properties office has a steady stream of a wide variety of music playing at all times.  It motivates us.  Even if you are not a country fan, you should take a minute to listen to the Grammy Award winning song “The House That Built Me” recorded by Miranda Lambert. 

We have heard it before, numerous times without really giving it much thought, but it wasn’t until we ran across an article in Realtor Magazine that drew our attention and we really listened. Until then, we didn’t pay much attention to what this song was about.

More so than music, we love houses and homes.  "The House That Built Me" is a beautifully sung country ballad. The song was written by Tom Douglas and Alllen Schamblin.   Allen Schamblin based the song of his experience of going back to the house in Huffman, TX that he grew up in at least once a year.  The singer describes returning, as an adult, to the house that she grew up in, and asking the person who now lives in the house if she can come inside and take a look around. She refers to it as "the house that built [her]," because of all the memories that she had of growing up within its walls.

In a day where we see the “deals” and “low offers” being the focus of today’s buyers and the source of more bragging rights than a great sports rivalry, it is very refreshing to reflect on the true value that lies within a “Home”.  “Deals” are great, “steals” are nice, but “memories” are invaluable.  This is the reason we see many sellers struggle with the mindset of today’s buyer.  In many cases, they are selling the house that their family and memories were built in.  It certainly does not add value to a buyer, but in many cases it’s parting with precious memories for the sellers that makes it so very difficult. 

Do yourself a favor, listen to the words closely.  It is sure to put a smile on your face. We hope you are fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones that have beautiful memories of your own childhood home.

It is a pleasure and a thrill to be in a business so rewarding that the decisions we assist our clients in making can have such a profound impact on their lives.   As Real Estate agents with a combined 25 years experience, we anxiously await the return of the day when we see more buyers look at a home and buy the dream as they visualize their life in that home.  We have had the pleasure to sell in those times not so long ago and that my friends, is extremely rewarding!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 

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