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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Success Mirrors Life

Many of you who know us and follow us know that we often reference a T shirt that we once saw on a young man at the movie theater.  His T shirt read Champions Are Made in the Off Season”. We are not quite sure who to credit for this saying but we love it!  On this Super Bowl Sunday, as with any big game day, we always think about the journey that gets these teams to where they are, the teams that fell short and the preparation, planning and practice involved for all.  That perfect formula of preparation, planning, practicing and execution is true not only in sports, but also in our everyday life.  This type of success does not happen in a day, it’s an every day mission.  What ever it is we are working towards, if we use these same principles, not just in season but everyday, we increase our odds of success.  Remember this, success is not an accident.  Today’s winner will celebrate after a long year of hard work, planning, practice and preparation.  Super Bowl Sunday is notoriously a quiet day for real estate.  Everyone is cooking, prepping and planning for a fun day of partying and football.   Anticipating a big surge in the St. Louis/St. Charles County real estate markets in the weeks to come, The Boehmer Team is working today preparing and planning for that opportunity.  We are adjusting prices, printing flyers, refreshing marketing, running comps and trying to position our clients for a big victory of their own.  Don’t kid yourselves; we will be out of here in time for the pre game festivities!  

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