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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Return to Retro… Vintage-Inspired Trends for Home Decorating

Are you preparing a home for sale in St. Louis or St. Charles County, Missouri? Do you love to upcycle? Or has HGTV’s Fixer Upper made you want to try some of the latest vintage-inspired decorating trends? We’re seeing home décor return to retro even in newly built homes. So how are people integrating this trend into their home?

farmhouse inspired design
Picture: HGTV's Fixer Upper

White Tints and Neutral Paint Colors

White with tints of gray, beige, blue and green create a great backdrop for vintage-inspired décor.  Layer these colors with other neutral shades to create some depth.  Use chalk, flat or eggshell finishes to get the retro look. Now you can get creative with fun accessory finds of almost any color.


repurposed furniture
Wood Record Player Console with Modern Sinks
Cook Home - Photo by Jana Rice
Real wood, especially reclaimed or distressed, is a popular feature in vintage interior design. Try adding a wood wall as a focal point. If you don’t want all the work you can find textured wallpapers that give the appearance of a wood wall.

Wood flooring is especially on trend with this design style. So go ahead, pull up the carpets and expose the old hardwood floors underneath, even if they have some scratches.

Refurbished wood furniture used creatively makes an elegant statement. Meanwhile farmhouse tables have become the go-to dining table for this design style.

unusual home design materials
Copper Countertop
Cook Home - Photo by Jana Rice


A combination of wood, metal and painted surfaces create casual and beautiful interiors. These surfaces don’t have to be in perfect condition, as distressed versions are on trend with vintage-inspired style.
Here’s a quick guide to metal finishes in your home:
  • Chrome, polished nickle, brass, or brushed brass for added glam and opulence
  • Choose black or bronze for a more rustic feel
  • Choose brushed nickle or stainless steel for ease to match up with everything

Reinvented Items

reinvented items for your home
With the rise of sites like Pinterest, Houzz and Hometalk, you can easily find wonderful ideas to reinvent pieces you find in your attic, garage, or thrift stores. Turn an old dresser into an amazing TV stand, create framed art out of an old door, or repurpose a wood pallet into about anything with the added function of storage.

Unusual Accessories

Boat oars, black and white photos or vintage coffee cans? Sure! Accessories that reflect the past, your local area and the outdoors are perfect for vintage-inspired design. If you are using small items, display them in groups of odd numbers. Better yet, go big with unexpected large-scale art that creates a focal point and becomes a conversation piece.

vintage accessories for your st louis home
Picture: HGTV's Fixer Upper

The Boehmer Team

If you are currently fixing up your home to put it on the market and need some staging tips, The Boehmer Team can help. Or if you are looking to buy a modern home, mid-century home or brand new construction, The Boehmer Team can help you find the home you desire. Then you can integrate all of your vintage-inspired design ideas into making your home the house of your dreams. 

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