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Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Reasons to List Over The Holidays

No matter the season, homebuyers need to purchase homes.  Think that if you list your home for sale during the holiday season that it won’t sell?  Then check out these reasons to list your St. Louis or St. Charles County area home over the holidays.

Reasons to List Your Home For Sale Over the Holidays

1. Buyers are motivated.
Buyers looking to purchase a home over the holidays are serious buyers. They may be trying to purchase before the end of the year for tax reasons.  Interest rates are predicted to go up next year and homebuyers will be looking to take advantage of still-low rates. Also, January is a big season for job transfers and homebuyers may be preparing for a job at a new location in the new year.

2. There is less competition.
Fewer homes on the market means fewer homes for sale for your home to compete against. This year there have been more buyers than homes coming onto the market and some buyers have simply been waiting all year for the right home to come onto the market. And that home could be yours.

3. Homes show better.
Homes show better over the holidays
Go ahead and decorate for the holidays. Holiday décor give buyers a nostalgic feeling can illicit positive emotions for your home. The holidays in general are a more emotional time of year and buyers are often motivated by emotion. Just be careful not to overdo the festive decorations, as you don’t want to clutter the space and make it feel smaller.

4. People are looking at homes over the holidays.
Despite the season, the Internet isalways available for online shoppers to discover your home online. In fact, COO of Zillow Group, Amy Bohutinsky, said their data shows an “influx of buyers between Christmas and January are online.”  In addition, buyers have designated time off work over the holidays to search for their next home.

yes buyers are looking at homes over the holidays
5. The process is quicker and smoother than any other time of year.
With the market being a bit slower during the holidays and winter months, the processors of your home sale have more time to dedicate to you and make sure that things go quickly and smoothly. Mortgage loan officers can process your loan quicker. Appraisers and inspectors will show up faster. Title companies will have more time to research. All this means a fast, smoother closing for you.

The Boehmer Team knows you have needs but also concerns. Afraid of dealing with home selling while you are out of town visiting relatives? The Boehmer Team takes care of that.  In fact, there are many things The Boehmer Team does to make sure your St. Louis or St. Charles County area home sale is as painless as possible. Contact The Boehmer Team to find out how they deliver great experiences for their home sellers and help them get the most from their home sale.

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