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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When is the Spring Home Selling Season Really?

spring home selling season missouri

In the Missouri area the beginning of the spring home selling season greatly depends on the weather.  In the case of normal weather where it is typical winter temperatures but not extremely cold, snowy or icy, homebuyers seem to come out in the first two weeks of February. There are always January buyers, although it is normal for it to take a few weeks for holiday celebrations to end, decorations to come down, college students to return to school and life to return to normal. 

In new home construction the selling season usually kicks off the first Sunday after the Super Bowl, unless it falls directly on Valentines Day. With new construction there are almost always inventory homes that are completely built and ready for sale throughout the winter months.
[See the current list of new construction inventory homes.]

beginning of spring home selling season
When snow, ice and freezing temperatures occur late into winter they deter the movement of homebuyers.  The positive news for home sellers is if there are homebuyers looking under those conditions, they are most likely serious buyers.  There is also a fair amount of relocation activity in the real estate market immediately after the first of the year due to large companies implementing changes for staff.

So how long does it take to prepare a home for sale on the spring market?
The rules for home preparation for the resale market are pretty much the same all year round.  One big difference is that you do not have the beautiful trees, landscaping, seasonal flowers and foliage to rely on to add exterior charm.  It is important that dead leaves are removed from landscape beds, lifeless plant foliage removed and residue from salts and ice melt products hosed off of the concrete surfaces.  Covered porches and patio areas also need to be staged as well as possible in the winter as they are much more appealing in the warmer months. 

Prepare your home for the spring market
According to Kelly Boehmer, “if you want to take advantage of the spring selling season you can prepare by cleaning, removing clutter, organizing closets and pantries, minimizing and neutralizing décor, and getting rid of unneeded furniture. The hard work will pay off.  There are more homebuyers out in the spring than any other time of the year. Buyers have been in the house all winter and ready to make a move.  It is in your best interest to be ready for them.”

“To really make the most of your home sale define your true motivation as a seller,” says Linda Boehmer.  “Then have a quality agent make clear any terms and conditions that are required or favorable for you as a seller and include them in the agent remarks of your home listing.  This will help eliminate any confusion about your goals when you get a buyer for your home.”

You can meet The Boehmer Team at their team page. Or contact The Boehmer Team to schedule an in-person meeting to view the full details of their Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan for homes. The Boehmer Team’s experience and attention to detail when selling a home are just a few of the reasons why they are a top team in the St. Louis and St. Charles County area of Missouri.

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