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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Increasing Importance of The Home Office

The Increasing Importance of The Home Office

For St. Louis, St. Charles County and pretty much everywhere, the home office has become a much more important part of home. Not only did the recent COVID-19 quarantines keep many working at home, home based businesses, Internet jobs and other work–from-home jobs are more popular than ever. In real estate that means if you are selling a home, a home office is a great selling point that adds value to the home.

What people want in a home office:

What people want in a home office

People are looking for an area that offers privacy, especially since there are often two people working from the home, children, or guests present in the home. Phone or computer meetings may require you to talk louder than normal, so having a door to shut or an office in the lower level offers maximum privacy.  Since more people are working from home on a regular basis, it may be that the work being done may be more confidential in nature so out-of-sight storage is critical.

A home office must FUNCTION

Function has become more important than the past when a home office was often about looks. Function includes a workstation or desk and chair but also includes the ability to access the home Wi-Fi connection. You’ll get bonus points for having a nice place to setup a camera to point at oneself for video conferencing. 

A home office needs outlets and wifi

Computers, phones and printers need to be plugged in, so having sufficient electrical outlets is a necessity. If adding a home office to a room without adequate outlets, be prepared to use an extension cord and surge protector (taped down and/or hidden by a floor runner rug). 

Good lighting makes a great home office

While some home workers prefer natural light, others prefer limited light. Both can be achieved if the home office has or is near a window. Add blinds, shades or curtains to control natural light levels and a lamp for those who prefer limited or added light to accommodate your home office needs when both on and off the computer.

Storage is necessary in a home office

Hidden storage opportunities add value to a home office. Did you know a tidy workspace is supposed to help keep a clearer mind? Whether that’s true or not, it’s important to have places to put away important papers and other office items.
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If you are currently preparing a home to sell, it’s a good idea to have a home office or workspace setup to fulfill the needs of the many at-home workers. Be sure it includes the items above to make it as desirable as possible. If you are currently looking to buy a home with more office space, contact The Boehmer Team. Our experienced Buyer Specialists may already know of a property that might fulfill your needs or can help you find the perfect home for you.

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