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Thursday, July 26, 2018

St Charles County Real Estate Market Report - First Half 2018

To be a well-informed homebuyer, seller or investor, it is important to understand the current real estate market conditions. Part of our job is making sure our clients have the information necessary to make the best real estate decisions possible. To help, we’ve put together a report on the real estate market conditions in St. Charles County, Missouri for the first half of 2018.

Number of Homes for Sale

This first chart depicts the number of active real estate listings by month over the past 3 years. As you can see, late spring and early summer have the most homes listed for sale. In 2018, the number of homes listed for sale in January was 1047, while currently there are about 1375 homes listed for sale in the St. Charles County area of Missouri.

Also notice that while summer is a busy selling season, there are still a LOT of homes for sale in the middle of winter. So you can buy or sell a home any time of year.

But when you compare the number of homes for sale in the first half of the year to the two previous years, you can see that 2018 has fewer homes on the market. These conditions point to a sellers market, where there are a similar number of homebuyers looking for homes and a smaller number of homes listed for sale.

Average Sales Price

With a similar number of homebuyers and fewer homes listed, the average sales price of residential property in St. Charles County, Missouri has increased. However unlike 2016 and 2017, where prices increased every month, 2018 has had fluctuations. This may be a sign that prices are leveling or at least not climbing as quickly. If you’ve been thinking about listing a residential property for sale, now is a great time.

Percentage of Original Price Received for a Residential Property

While sellers like to get the most money they can for their property, buyers want to pay the least they can for a home. Through the negotiation process the price received for residential real estate is often a little less than the original price the property was listed. The first half of 2018 shows that with more competition for residential properties, sellers are netting more money for their homes. Look closer at this chart and you’ll notice that homebuyers who purchase in the first quarter of the year (during the winter months) are more likely to get a better deal on their home purchase.

Days On Market

A decreasing number of days on market are another indicator of a sellers market. This points to competition among homebuyers - as there is often more than one buyer looking at and bidding on each home. Homebuyers are sometimes learning this the hard way, when they try to see a home for sale and find out that it already has an accepted contract.

For St. Charles County, Missouri, the first half of 2018 is keeping a similar fast pace of home sales as 2017. Homebuyers should be prepared when looking at homes to act quickly when they find a home they like and prepare for possible bidding wars with other buyers. Working with a great buyers agent, like the buyers agents on The Boehmer Team, will increase a homebuyer’s chances of finding a great property for sale before it is sold.
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Contact The Boehmer Team for expert home buying or investing assistance. We know the St. Charles County, Missouri real estate market and have information on homes that are not yet listed for sale. Or if you are ready to get the most from a residential home sale in the current market, contact us to help with a smooth home selling experience. 

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