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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Painting Brick

The Pros and Cons of Painting Brick

Thanks to a history of clay mining and bricklaying, the St. Louis area is full of homes wrapped in durable brick. However as years go by and home designs change, the brick look goes in and out of style. While some homeowners opt to paint their brick façade, others are reluctant. If you are considering painting your brick home exterior, we’ve put a list together of pros and cons to help you decide.

Brick Houses Painted and Unpainted

Painting a Brick House

PRO: Style. If the old brick is outdated and tacky, painting it can increase curb appeal and home value.

CON: It’s expensive and difficult to go back to unpainted brick should you want to. Also, painting brick can be expensive to have it done right. Look to see if there other areas on the home’s exterior that could better use the money for maintenance or improvements.

PRO: Protection. The right exterior paint can protect old, damaged bricks and mortar and seal cracks.

CON: If done wrong, paint could trap moisture and further damage the brick. Also, paint does not last forever and the effects of sun, wind, rain and hail will slowly chip away at the paint so touch ups and/or repainting will eventually be needed.

PRO: The right color could make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

CON: You may be destroying history by painting brick. Also, your color choice may not appeal to some potential homebuyers.


Why Not to Paint a Brick House

Not Painting a Brick House

PRO: Some people really value classic brick and just don’t like painted brick.

CON: Any potential homebuyers that dislike the old brick may need to take the cost of painting it into consideration if they are thinking of buying your home.

PRO: Upkeep is easier. You don’t have to maintain the paint on the brick.

CON: You’ll want to make sure the rest of the exterior of your home is well maintained and looks nice to distract from outdated brick colors or styles.

PRO: You’ll preserve the original exterior of the home and won’t have to worry if a potential buyer doesn’t like the color you chose to paint your brick.

CON: You may want to invest in landscaping, roof updates or other exterior painting and maintenance to bring the eye away from the outdated brick.


Painted and Unpainted brick

- - -

Unless you got lucky and your home has brick in a color that is current by today’s style standards, you may decide to paint the brick on your home to make it appear more modern. Or you may choose to update your landscaping, roof, windows or other exterior items to make a home with old brick look updated.  If you are considering painting brick to help sell a St. Louis area home, contact The Boehmer Team first. We may be able to help you determine whether painting your brick will be the best course of action to bring more value to your home sale. 


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