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Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Truth About New Construction “Specialists”

The Truth About New Construction “Specialists”

It seems that more and more Realtors are marketing themselves as a “New Construction Specialist”.  We see a lot of real estate agents in St. Louis and St. Charles County, Missouri use this term every day, and it brings about a fair question in our opinion.  What exactly is it that makes them a “Specialist” in the area of New Construction?  


It appears that most of these Realtors are branding themselves as “New Construction Specialists” because they have represented an undisclosed number of buyers that have purchased new construction.  However, having sold 2, 3, 5 or more new construction homes does not make you a specialist by any measure.  Even ten or more sales merely make you better versed in new construction, certainly not a “Specialist”.

St. Charles County New Construction Homes

We are fortunate in our profession that we can brand ourselves any way we choose.  Often times, it can be a misleading claim that consumers fail to question or confirm.  There are several things to consider when hiring a Realtor with claims of being a New Construction Specialist”. 

  • How many buyers have they represented purchasing New Home Construction?
  • How many different builders have they worked with when representing a buyer?
  • How many different neighborhoods have they represented a buyer in when purchasing new construction?
  • Do you accompany your clients on the contract, structural meetings, walk throughs, color selections, etc.?
  • Have they ever worked on the builder side of the business?
  • If so, in what capacity?
  • Have they ever represented a builder in new construction sales?
  • If so, how many homes did they sell and how long did they sell?
  • What price range of homes did they sell for the builder?
  • Are they familiar with the builder side of the business regarding land costs, development costs, building and material costs, supply and demand challenges, customer service policies and material specifications? Working on the “builder side” also means representing the builder as a community sales representative, construction manager, service representative or any position where you work directly for the builder.
  • How do they feel they add value as your buyer representative for new construction?
  • Do they have any professional designations that they have earned regarding New Construction?
  • Are they a certified New Construction Specialist as recognized by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)?

brand new home - st charles county

Truth be told, in order to be branding yourself as a “New Construction Specialist”, at a minimum you should have a designation from NAR or your brokerage.  The course should be detailed and include 40 or more hours of training by a qualified professional.  An agent should also have sold a variety of new construction homes, in a variety of municipalities, by a variety of builders in varying price ranges.  


The most experienced Realtors are those that have served 10 plus years on both sides of the transaction, both the builder side and the brokerage side.  An added bonus is a Realtor that has had the opportunity to spend time not only selling new construction as a builder representative, but serve time at a management level understanding the challenges that builders face every day.  


If you are looking for assistance with your new home construction purchase, contact The Boehmer Team.  We meet the criteria and will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. 



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