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Monday, June 26, 2017

10 Curb Appeal Tips

10 Curb Appeal Tips

Whether putting your home on the real estate market or throwing a party, there are several things you can do to make sure your home’s exterior looks great. After all, your home’s first impression happens on the outside. Most homeowners do a great job of cleaning and decorating the areas people see most – inside the home. But often folks forget the importance of the appeal of the outside of the home. So here are some great tips for making your home look great from the outside in.

1. Maintain the lawn & landscaping

It sounds pretty basic but taking the time to mow, weed and trim makes a difference. Going the extra mile with an edger around the base of trees, next to walkways, and near landscaping really shows. Look at your landscaping closely, pull any weeds and trim overgrown bushes. Also, prune any dead limbs on trees or landscaping.
home landscaping maintenance

2. Remove any trash or yard clippings

After completing the lawn and landscaping work, get rid of the excess debris. A pile of grass clippings on top of your lawn isn’t appealing. Rake it up or use a bag mower when mowing. Make sure any of the weeds pulled or edging debris is removed. A leaf blower or strong hose is a good way to get rid of any small pieces left behind on concrete driveways, walkways or patios.

3. Replace any exterior lighting that has burned out

Exterior Home LightingLook at your yard just after the sunset. Is there any landscaping lighting that needs to be adjusted? What about security lighting or porch lights? Replacing these bulbs is a quick task that makes a difference. Buyers like to turn on light switches and notice when easily replaced bulbs are missing.  

4. Touch up any paint that is chipping

While we don’t recommend spending the money to have your entire house repainted for a home sale, making sure that any noticeable wear and tear on the current paint job is touched up makes a big difference. Also look at wood or iron railings, stair spindles, porch pillars and window frames for places to touch up the paint.

Check Your Roof

5. Check the roof and gutters

When was the last time you checked your roof? Be sure any shingles that may have popped up are hammered down. Clear the gutters of any debris. Finally, make sure the downspouts are connected and routed away from your home properly. With the rise of drone photography, photos of homes for sale may now include an image from above your home that will feature your roof. Make sure it is looking good.

6. Attend to any cracked concrete

Small cracks that are less than a quarter inch wide are relatively easy to repair yourself with premixed concrete crack filler that comes in tubes similar to caulk. Fixing larger cracks is also a possible DIY job, or you can hire a concrete repair company to do it for you.

Maintain Your Home's Fencing

7. Fix the fencing

If you have fencing now is the time to check it. Look for any broken or missing planks then repair or replace them. Touch up any chipped or missing paint. Make sure fencing door latches are working properly.

8. Maintain the mailbox

The mailbox is often the closest thing to the street that people see when they pull up to your property. Check to make sure the mailbox isn’t leaning and fix if it is. Also be sure that the mailbox is clean and touch up the paint if needed. If the mailbox is attached to the front of your home, make sure it is secure and clean.

The Power of a Pretty Mailbox
Which of these mailboxes is more appealing?

9. Brighten the front door

Is the front door dirty and dingy? Entry doors take a lot of abuse on daily basis. It may just need a good scrubbing. If paint chipped or missing, touch up or repaint the door. If you’re feeling decorative, add a wreath or welcome sign to add some personality to the front door to make it more inviting.

10. Clean the windows

The exterior side of windows can easily get a buildup of dust and water spots. Consider giving the windows a good scrub. This will not only make them sparkle from the outside, it will let more light in on the inside. Check out a great video and products to make your exterior window washing easier here.

Don’t let this list overwhelm you. Most of these items can be done in a weekend. If you have help, you might even be able to complete it all in one day. Don’t have the time or help? Contact TheBoehmer Team for recommendations on local professionals that can do the job for you. Or if you are thinking of listing your home for sale contact The BoehmerTeam to find out how we help sellers make the most of their home sale.

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