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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Supporting St. Charles County Small Businesses During Quarantine

Supporting St. Charles County Small Businesses During Quarantine

As a real estate team, The Boehmer Team members are very involved with many small businesses in St. Charles County. We work with inspectors, plumbers, electricians, home maintenance technicians, photographers, cleaning companies, title companies and local mortgage lenders. We even have relationships with local bakeries and restaurants that supply our open houses and other events.

The current stay-at-home order for Missouri that runs through the end of the April is aimed to keep us safe and healthy. But meanwhile some of our favorite local small businesses are feeling the deepest effects of a clientele in quarantine. So how can we support our local businesses during this time?

1. Order Delivery or Curbside Pickup

With a few precautions people can still patronage their favorite local businesses via delivery or take out. If one doesn’t want to leave the house there are services like GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, Shipt, Instacart and more that can shop and deliver groceries and carryout to you. This will even help those laid off from other industries who have picked up driving jobs. Curious about the safety of delivered items? Read about grocery and delivery safety here.

2. Buy a Gift Card

A great way to show that you care about a local business and want to help see it through coronavirus quarantines is by buying a gift card or gift certificate from them.  It will help inject cash into their business when they desperately need it. Also, it gives you something to look forward to for when quarantine is over.

3. Shop Local Online

Your favorite local business may have moved more of their product and services online during this time. (Heck, we can perform an entire real estate transaction online these days.) Check your favorite businesses website and social media pages to see if they have any special offers or items online.

4. Tip Well

Some local businesses are using tips to pay staff that has been recently furloughed. So tip your restaurant workers and delivery drivers well. They don’t have the luxury of working from home during the Covid-19 quarantine.

5. Say Thanks

Nothing beats a sincere “thank you for what you do” to essential workers during this time. The Boehmer Team would like to express our deepest gratitude for the small business workers still keeping our communities running.

Help St. Charles County Businesses During Coronavirus

Excellent St. Charles County Small Businesses to Support

Since we’re here discussing helping local small businesses, we'd like to give a shout out to some we think are extra great. We’re surely going to miss some good ones, so help us by leaving a comment with your favorite St. Charles County small business.

Have a real estate question? Contact The Boehmer Team to for expert advice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

You Don’t Need Luck to Snag a Great Home

With more buyers than sellers in the St. Louis and St. Charles County real estate market, finding a great home for sale can feel like competing in an episode of The Amazing Race. One can scour the national real estate websites and many local sources and find a great home only to learn that it is already under contract or that several other people have already submitted offers. Some folks even write letters to owners selling a home to prove they’re the best buyer, but to no avail. Don’t give up, you're not out of luck – you just haven’t found the right help.

We would like to introduce you to our impressive team of Buyers' Agents. These fastidious Realtors are a combination of Lewis and Clark, Sherlock Holmes and Bill Gates in their abilities to search and discover real estate listings on the internet and in the real world that match their clients wants and needs. These agents are the "luck" you're looking for.


“As Realtors we are not salespeople - we are matchmakers. We introduce people to homes until they fall in love with one. And that is what makes our job so amazing. We find a LOT of homes; new homes, old homes, and coming soon homes to introduce to our clients.“

Shannon is an experienced Realtor and a Buyer Specialist for The Boehmer Team. She brings 17 years of real estate industry knowledge and outstanding customer care to The Boehmer Team's clients. Shannon specializes in finding homes that meet the specific needs of clients in a competitive residential market.  A St. Louis area native, Shannon currently resides in St. Peters with her husband, daughter, two sons and black lab. When she isn't creating great real estate experiences you can find Shannon cheering on her daughter at competitive cheerleading and her oldest son at soccer games and taekwondo.


“Nothing is more satisfying than helping each and every home buyer find and win the right home.  That is what we strive to do every day using our team’s experience, expertise, and relationships with other agents, in addition to applying successful strategies to win in multiple offer situations. Above all else, our clients’ best interests are our top priority.”

Stephanie works as a Buyer Specialist for The Boehmer Team. Her reputation for great customer care and vast industry knowledge has endeared her to many of The Boehmer Team's home buying clients. Stephanie is a St. Louis area native who lives in St. Charles with her fiancé, two kids and her cat, Mr. Kitty. When not serving her real estate clients she enjoys anything outdoors, especially boating and watching football.


“In this current market, we are often in multiple offer situations but the collective years of experience our team has enables us to be privy to and share with each other strategies to “win” those homes that other agents just don’t have.”

Kristin is a Buyer Specialist for The Boehmer Team that has over 16 years of real estate experience. She has been the proud recipient of the 5 Star Service Award eleven times for excellence in customer service. Her past experience helping new construction homebuyers has earned her awards from the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri. She currently lives in St. Charles County with her husband, Phil, her Big Dog Bell, and her tiny cat, Ninja. She has three grown children: Connor, 26, Anna, 24 and Michael, 22. When not serving real estate clients you can find Kristin reading, hiking, traveling, at yoga, playing tennis or at Bible study.

Our goal and focus, as Real Estate professionals, is to provide unparalleled service and complete dedication when assisting our clients in achieving their Real Estate goals.  Each member of our team utilizes their specialized skills to provide our clients the personalized service they deserve when making the important decisions involved in buying or selling a home.  We are proud of the steady stream of testimonials, repeat clients and referrals that have allowed our business to grow. Contact The Boehmer Team to see how we can assist you.

Friday, January 17, 2020

5 Things NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

5 Things NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your St. Louis or St. Charles County, Missouri home, you’ve probably gotten a lot of advice on things that you SHOULD do to sell your home. In fact, we’ve got lots of tried and true tips right here in this blog. Just type the subject you are looking for into the search bar. However, there are some things you should definitely NOT do when listing a home for sale. Here’s our short list.

What NOT To Do When Selling A Home

Things NOT To Do When Selling A Home

1. Do NOT Neglect Necessary Repairs

Homebuyers will definitely notice any broken or damaged parts of a home that are in plain view. Even small items like a broken cabinet hinge or doorknob may work against you because it might suggest the current owners haven’t taken good care of the property. Potential buyers may also use needed repairs as a way to negotiate a lower price for the home.

Though it may be costly to take on the minor and major repairs your house needs before listing it, it will increase the chances of the home selling in a timely manner.
And while it may seem expensive to take on these fixes, it’s generally more expensive not to. Homes sitting on the market cost sellers in both time spent on the market and ultimate sale price. Even if nothing is obviously wrong, some basic maintenance and simple home repairs before listing can go a long way.

Things To Avoid When Selling A Home

2. Do NOT Over-Improve

While preparing a home for sale, it’s a good return on investment to update things to be as current as possible. For example, updating old light fixtures or appliances are great ideas. However it’s important not to over-improve a home or over-customize a space to very specific tastes. For example, not everyone needs a trophy room, gun room, or music room nor does everyone likes bright or intense colors in their home.

Instead, neutralize the home for sale as much as possible. If you are repainting before the sale choose light, neutral colors. Packing away as many of your personal items is also recommended. This lets buyers imaging themselves living in the home. So there is no need to go above and beyond with home improvements, as you may actually lose money doing so.

Do NOT Do This When Selling A Home

3. Do NOT Overprice a Home For Sale

We understand the idea of wanting to “test the market”, but overpricing a home for sale is not the best way to do it. In fact it can backfire and cause your listing to lose momentum and languish on the market for months while you continue to pay the mortgage. Eventually you may have to lower the price more than what the home would have sold for if you priced it correctly to begin with.

We have some great information about The Dangers of Overpricing Your Home that you should check out.

When Selling A Home Avoid Doing This

4. Do NOT Attend Home Showings

It would be nice to be a fly on the wall to see what goes on every time an agent shows your home. But do NOT be a literal wall fly and hang around at home showings! Buyers want to imagine themselves in your space, not be confronted by you in your space. Take the family out or at least go sit in the car during the home showing. Homebuyers want to be able to look around freely without the homeowner looming over their shoulder. Don’t make it awkward for them.

What NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

5. Do NOT Go It Alone

Unless you are well versed in title law, real estate contracts and marketing do NOT go it alone! Knowing how to sell a home quickly for a fair price takes years of experience to master. Even then it can be a bit tricky without the right team as there are at least 80 tasks Realtors perform for sellers.

The Boehmer Team offers no obligation meetings to explain the process, the timelines, costs and options that you have when selling your home. Contact The Boehmer Team to answer your questions about listing a home for sale.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Year-End Deals on New Construction

Year-End Deals on New Construction

The competitive real estate market in St. Louis and St. Charles County, Missouri has created a more active end-of-year real estate season. Homebuyers wanting the best deal on the perfect home are willing to make offers even in the midst of the holiday season. And these smart homebuyers are finding some of the best deals of the year.

In a blog we wrote last year, we pointed out how December 26th is one of the best days of the year to get a good deal on a home, whether it’s a new or pre-existing home. Since historically winter months are a little slower in real estate, some of the best deals come out during this time. If you are dreaming of a newly constructed home, December is an especially good month for getting the most value for your dollar.

Home builders work year round. Many have homes for sale that are in the process of being built and homes for sale that have recently been completed. So you won’t have to wait long to get into a brand new home. 

Move In Ready New Construction Homes

Are you ready to move into a brand new home?
If you are ready right now for a brand new home, you’ll want to visit  Here you can find a list of homes around the St. Louis and St. Charles County area that are newly built and available for sale.

Want a new home with your preferred paint and finishes?
If you are willing to wait a few weeks for your newly constructed home, you could get in on the end of the construction process and choose some of the paint colors and finishes. Visit our New And Almost Ready for You page to see an updated list of homes for sale that are currently in the construction process around the St. Louis and St. Charles County area. (Link to page also available on

Quality St. Louis & St. Charles County Home Builders

Some of the esteemed home builders that often have new construction home inventory at the end of the year include: Fischer & Frichtel, Bridgewater Communities, Renaissance Living and GenesisDevelopment Company. These home builders each have unique offers and products.

New Home For Sale - St Charles

Fischer & Frichtel: This long-time company designs and builds to the highest standards for superior, enduring value. They offer a wide variety of floor plans and several great communities to build in.

New Home by Renaissance Living

Renaissance Living
Renaissance Living offers the efficiencies of high production building with the flexibility and personal touch of custom building to give you a new home that is affordable, customized and personal.

New Construction Villa Home - St. Peters, Missouri

Bridgewater Communities: This great home building company specializes in villas. If you are looking for privacy and spaciousness in a home without the time consuming restraints of exterior maintenance, this builder is a perfect option for you.

Newly Constructed Home For Sale - Kirkwood, Mo

Genesis Development Company: Committed to providing premier customer service throughout your new home building experience, this company strives to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every new home.​ 

- - -  

The end of year may be busy, but savvy homebuyers will find some of the best deals during this time. Don’t forget to check out and/or bookmark to keep tabs on the latest deals on brand new homes. You deserve the best quality new home and our goal is to help you get it. If you have questions about buying a new home, contact The Boehmer Team. We are here to help.

Friday, November 22, 2019

St. Charles County Holiday Events 2019

St. Charles County Holiday Events 2019

Happy holidays from St. Charles County, Missouri! St. Charles County has many different types of holiday events to choose from this time of year. The season brings shorter days and longer nights that are perfect for sparkling lights, hot cocoa by the fire and festive holiday events. We’ve put together a handy list of the many different holiday events to choose from. The list is ordered by event start date. If you know of any St. Charles County holiday events missing from this list, contact us and we'll get them added.


The Meadows of Lake Saint Louis Mayor Tree Lighting Ceremony
November 22 from 6-8pm
Clock Tower Plaza in Lake St. Louis
Join us in the clock tower plaza on Friday, November 22nd from 6-8pm for the annual Mayor’s Tree Lighting Ceremony with Lake Saint Louis Mayor, Kathy Schweikert. Celebrate the season with holiday songs from the Green Tree Elementary School Choir, complimentary carriage rides, and a special visit from Santa! Purchase cookies, coffee and hot chocolate from Roasted Coffee & Wine Bar AND, because it’s the season of giving, each person that brings a new, unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots will get a $5 gift card to Prados. Free event.

Treasure Chest Holiday Expo 2019
12th Annual Treasure Chest Holiday Expo!
November 22, 23 and 24

St. Charles Convention Center
The Treasure Chest Holiday Expo offers unique, often one-of-a-kind products, and fun party atmosphere. The event welcomes back highly anticipated returning vendors; and are especially pleased about a great assortment of new, exciting and unique items being offered by new vendors. They'll have over 200 booths with arts, crafts, gourmet goodies, home decor, unique gift items, and more. Find just the right gift for everyone on your list this year. Free admission, free parking, raffles and door prizes throughout the weekend.

O'Fallon Celebration of Lights

November 29 through December 30
Fort Zumwalt Park, 1000 Jessup Drive, O’Fallon, Missouri 63366
Celebration of Lights is a holiday light display held at Fort Zumwalt Park. Each scene is designed and funded by local organizations, churches and businesses. Started in 1991, the event attracts more than 10,000 vehicles each year and more than 10,000 individuals during the Old-Fashioned Holiday Stroll. There are no reservations needed to drive through the exhibit. And don’t miss the Old Fashioned Holiday Stroll version of the event where one can walk through the Celebration of Lights on December 9th and 10th. Check their website (link above) for admission fees.

Holiday Train Display and Cookie Decorating

November 30 from 10:00am-5:00pm
St. Charles County Heritage Museum - 1630 Heritage Landing, St. Charles, MO 63303
Explore local history this holiday season when you visit the St. Charles County Heritage Museum's annual train display! Bring your family and friends to see the historical Katy Railroad-themed scenes; this year's display includes extended tracks and new St. Charles County landmark model buildings. Adults and children of all ages will delight in the sights and sounds of the trains as they make their way through part of the museum. In addition to the train display, guests may also tour the exhibits at the museum, which focus on the sporting heritage of St. Charles County. Opening day will also include free holiday cookie decorating (and eating), while supplies last.

St. Charles Christmas Traditions Event 2019

Christmas Traditions Festival
November 30 – December 22
Wednesdays 6-9:00PM, Fridays 6-9:00PM, Saturdays 10:00AM-9:00PM, Sundays 12-5:00PM
Historic Main Street: 230 S. Main St., Saint Charles, MO 63301
Capture in your mind the essence, that time in America when life was simpler, and Christmas was elegant and magical.  Regardless of the evening or weekend you choose to visit Christmas Traditions®, you will find decorated, brick-lined streets, harmonious carolers, unique historic characters and an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities.  There’s something for everyone this holiday season.


Nutcracker Tea
December 1 and 8 From 2-4pm
Foundry Art Centre
Don your finest tea apparel and visit the "Land of Sweets" for Nutcracker Tea! Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland full of art activities, treats, and an accompanied ballet performance. Tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for adult members, $15 for children 12 and under, and $13.50 for children members. Don't miss this holiday favorite at the Foundry Art Centre. Tickets must be purchase by November 24th. 

Wentzville Holiday Night Lights 2019

Wentzville Holiday Night Lights
December 2 Through the Holiday Season
Rotary Park, Wentzville
Walk, carriage ride or sleigh ride through a multitude of lights featuring beautiful scenes and tunnels of twinkling light. This year, there will be LIVE REINDEER, a photo booth with Santa, cookies, hot chocolate and carolers! The cost for admission is $3 in advance and $5 day of, per person. Costs for carriage and sleigh rides at the link.

Gateway Ringers Holiday Concert 2019

The Gateway Ringers Holiday Concert
December 6 at 7:30pm
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 8945 Veterans Memorial Parkway, O’Fallon, Mo 63366
The Gateway Ringers are members of the Handbell Musicians of America. This auditioned community handbell group performs using five octaves of Malmark handbells & six octaves of Malmark Choirchimes®. See their fantastic holiday concert at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

St. Peters 30th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony to Feature Holiday Hop with Butch Wax and the Hollywoods
December 6 at 6:30pm

St. Peters City Hall, One St. Peters Centre Blvd., St. Peters, MO
Bring the family and enjoy the music, then step outside for the lighting of the tree! Other groups performing at the ceremony will be: Childbloom Guitar Program of St. Charles County, directed by Chris Peleshenko; Fort Zumwalt East High School Orchestra, directed by Jocelyn Garner; and Lindenwood University’s Voices Only, directed by Pam Grooms. Following the music is the countdown to the lighting of the tree, and photo opportunities with Santa in the City Hall lobby. Free Event.

Christmas Candlelight Walk
December 6, 7, 13, 14 from 6:00-10:30pm
Daniel Boone Historic Site
Thousands of candles illuminate a world on the edge of the frontier. Step back into the early 1800s to experience Christmas as it was celebrated in the past with stories, music and hot cider. Limited tickets are available. Reservations are highly recommended.

Augusta Candlelight Christmas Walk
December 6 & 13,  5:00-10:00pm
Downtown Augusta
Experience more than a thousand luminaries lighting the historic town of Augusta, Missouri at the 37th Annual Candlelight Christmas Walk. Catch a ride on a free antique trolley or join in the scavenger hunt. Shop boutiques and galleries for holiday gifts including hand-blown glass, paintings and jewelry. Enjoy food vendors, restaurants, wineries & brewery decked for the season and serving traditional holiday fare.

Holiday House Tour
December 7, 3:00-6:00pm
Augusta, Mo
Step back in time as you walk (or drive) the quaint, picturesque streets of Augusta and tour five beautifully decorated homes for the second annual Augusta Christmas House Tour. The festivities include wine tasting by Montelle and Augusta Wineries at the historic Harmonie Verein. Admission: $15.00 Children under 12 free. Ticket price includes the house tour, wine tasting and a free souvenir Augusta wine Glass.

Santa's North Pole Dash and Children's Snowman Shuffle
December 7
Historic St. Charles
Watch or join in this fun fundraiser for the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce, now in its ninth year and gaining popularity. Come join the fun in historic downtown St. Charles. Children's dash as well as 5k and 1-mile walk also can be enjoyed. Children's Dash begins at 8:00 am at Riverside Drive & Jefferson 5K & 1-Mile Walk starts at 8:30 am at Riverside Drive & Pike Street. Click the link for more detailed information.

St. Charles Municipal Band Holiday Concert
December 10 from 7:00-9:00pm
J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts
The Concert Band will open the concert at 7 PM after a short intermission at 8 PM  the Big Band with vocalist will close out the evening entertainment. There is plenty of parking all around the Center with full handicap access. The Holiday Concert is free with no tickets required.  Santa Claus has promised a visit to greet children of all ages.  Free event.

Winter Wonderland on Ice 2019

Winter Wonderland on Ice Show
December 13 at 7:00pm and December 14 at 5:00pm
St. Peters Rec-Plex, 5200 Mexico Road, St. Peters, Mo 63376
Celebrate the holidays as the Rec-Plex North ice rink comes to life and turns into an enchanted Winter Wonderland on Ice. The best Rec-Plex solo skaters and synchronized skating teams will dazzle audiences with the beauty and skill of their original programs. Beloved holiday characters join in the festivities to make this a delightful event for the whole family. Tickets go on sale Nov. 26 at the St. Peters Rec-Plex, 5200 Mexico Road.  Rec-Plex passholders—$8.50/adult, $6.50/child (12 and under) and $6.50/seniors (55-over); General Public—$9.50/adult, $7.50/child and $7.50/seniors

- - -

There you have it. Get out there and be merry this season! Every day is a gift to make the most of. Join our wonderful communities in St. Charles County and make memories to last a lifetime. And if you're looking for a home in St. Charles County this holiday season, put The Boehmer Team to work for you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Boehmer Team!